Sunday, July 30, 2017

Yamashita Tomohisa's Body Becomes a Topic of Discussion

1: 2017/07/23(日) 05:23:21.06 0
no title

Women want to sleep with this

2: 2017/07/23(日) 05:24:53.97 0
But since he's a Johnny his height has to be in the 160's right?

3: 2017/07/23(日) 05:26:58.64 0
This isn't a good muscle training method
He seems weak

5: 2017/07/23(日) 05:31:37.00 0
Is this fake? His chest seems to unnatural

9: 2017/07/23(日) 05:36:15.84 0
Even though the area around his shoulders is weak he has a butt on his chest w

11: 2017/07/23(日) 05:39:36.45 0
The body of a boxer from the slightly heavier class would be just right wouldn't it?

12: 2017/07/23(日) 05:39:37.76 0
Only his chest is big and the rest isn't anything special so that's why it looks unnatural
That's not a chest that's just a pigeon breast

14: 2017/07/23(日) 05:44:24.06 0
Bench pig

15: 2017/07/23(日) 05:47:09.58 0
It was better before like in Ashita no Joe

16: 2017/07/23(日) 05:52:12.08 0
I have the impression of him having a nice body in Ashita no Joe

17: 2017/07/23(日) 06:03:21.75 0
When he was shooting Ashita no Joe he defined his muscles to match with the role
Now he's not doing that anymore
Because gaining muscles does not equal losing fat

19: 2017/07/23(日) 06:09:45.96 0
Yamashita doesn't seem like he has a complex so I'm not sure why he's built his muscles until now

20: 2017/07/23(日) 07:24:14.37 0
This is because he has a job in which he shows his body
Actors generally train their bodies
Idols show their bodies too right?

25: 2017/07/23(日) 09:55:45.15 0
Matsumoto is weird too but this is strange

24: 2017/07/23(日) 09:52:09.86 0
Yamashita has a super small face



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