Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why Has Rola Completely Disappeared?

bandicam 2017-07-11 13-46-13-014

1: 2017/07/26(水) 15:59:30.15
What is the reason?

3: 2017/07/26(水) 16:00:05.11
Variety shows were a stepping stone

4: 2017/07/26(水) 16:00:34.05
Because she's covered in wounds*
*Referring to Golden Bomber's "Rola no Kizudarake" or "Rola's Covered in Wounds"

no title

5: 2017/07/26(水) 16:00:36.70
Her fee
And Darenogare Akemi's gorioshi

7: 2017/07/26(水) 16:00:40.20
Because she started to act like she had actual talent

bandicam 2017-07-22 20-36-09-542

9: 2017/07/26(水) 16:01:04.25
Isn't Takizawa Karen popular now?

10: 2017/07/26(水) 16:01:33.74
Just because Rola's father is a criminal that doesn't mean the Rola is a criminal but
Nevertheless I feel that a criminal's daughter doesn't need to be earning that much money

11: 2017/07/26(水) 16:01:53.33
She advanced into Hollywood (笑)

bandicam 2017-07-22 20-35-47-882

12: 2017/07/26(水) 16:02:07.24
To change into a Hollywood actress she stopped her baka character but ended up going back to that

14: 2017/07/26(水) 16:02:40.02
Because she's a Hollywood star-sama

16: 2017/07/26(水) 16:03:07.95
She made such a big deal about being in the Resident Evil movie but was just a small bit part

25: 2017/07/26(水) 16:04:07.51
But her current boyfriend seems to be a famous Italian designer so no damage to her

28: 2017/07/26(水) 16:04:51.53
Because she returned to India

30: 2017/07/26(水) 16:05:14.34
Is it true that she said that she would be starring in a Hollywood movie but only had one line?

36: 2017/07/26(水) 16:06:15.61
Speaking of which I haven't seen her lately


42: 2017/07/26(水) 16:07:09.64
Whatever happened to her singing career

50: 2017/07/26(水) 16:08:40.50
I want her to get married

55: 2017/07/26(水) 16:09:20.48
Because Takizawa Karen came out

56: 2017/07/26(水) 16:09:21.25
She has a strong Bangladesh feel to her

22: 2017/07/26(水) 16:03:42.32
It seems that she's really fighting with her agency w


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