Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Japanese Members of Twice are Too Cute

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1: 2017/07/04(火) 12:03:26.42 ID:UwsUba7h0
Hirai Momo

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Born 11/9/1996
From Kyoutonabe, Kyouto
A super cute girl with a height of 168cm!
She went to Korea when her Kansai dialect was still strong so she's bad at using standard Japanese!

2: 2017/07/04(火) 12:03:48.73
I really like Momo

3: 2017/07/04(火) 12:04:15.90 ID:UwsUba7h0
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Sana (Minatozaki Sana)
Born on 12/29/1996
A city girl from Tennouji, Osaka!
Height 168cm, B type
Scouted in Osaka
She's the one who is best at Korean!When she speaks Japanese it's in the thick Kansai dialect

4: 2017/07/04(火) 12:04:16.46
They're not all that cute
Probably just faces that are geared towards Korean people

6: 2017/07/04(火) 12:04:44.67
Momo-chan is kawaii

8: 2017/07/04(火) 12:05:21.97 ID:UwsUba7h0

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Mina! (Myoui Mina)
Born March 24, 1997!
Born in America and her parents are private physicians in Nishinomiya, Hyogo! A daughter of a high class family!
163 height, blood type A, a cool, mature girl!
Scouted in Osaka while shopping with her mother
Speaks the best standard Japanese

12: 2017/07/04(火) 12:06:37.20
Korean fashion sense is unique

16: 2017/07/04(火) 12:07:29.13
I like the leader the most

18: 2017/07/04(火) 12:07:58.45
Make up changes my impression of them totally they look like nothing but Korean

19: 2017/07/04(火) 12:08:12.93
So this means they're not a Korean group? They took them from Japan to debut in Korea and then came to Japan?

20: 2017/07/04(火) 12:08:22.48
The Taiwanese girl is the prettiest

23: 2017/07/04(火) 12:09:10.81
Plastic surgery right?

32: 2017/07/04(火) 12:10:51.99 ID:UwsUba7h0
no title
She was pretty since the past (Momo)

24: 2017/07/04(火) 12:09:57.53
Momo is kee-yoot

25: 2017/07/04(火) 12:10:02.33
Come to Japan more

27: 2017/07/04(火) 12:10:19.51
Backwards importation

33: 2017/07/04(火) 12:10:57.76
They have Korean faces

35: 2017/07/04(火) 12:11:10.48
Their singing is so bad that they're getting criticized by Japanese fans ha

38: 2017/07/04(火) 12:11:49.37
Was is it Tzuyu?
The Taiwanese one is the cutest

49: 2017/07/04(火) 12:14:56.95
Laughing at all of them having the same face

51: 2017/07/04(火) 12:15:51.80
The Taiwanese member is the cutest
Next is the huge girl

65: 2017/07/04(火) 12:18:27.42 ID:UwsUba7h0
Jihyo is pretty huge huh

no title 
no title

54: 2017/07/04(火) 12:16:45.54
Idol groups are better with less people

85: 2017/07/04(火) 12:21:11.16
They all have the same face

88: 2017/07/04(火) 12:21:48.57
Beautiful Korean women all have the same face ha

96: 2017/07/04(火) 12:22:20.32 ID:UwsUba7h0
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no title 

Tzuyu is super cute

152: 2017/07/04(火) 12:30:41.81

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