Thursday, July 20, 2017

Suda Masaki is the Male Version of Goriki Ayame

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1: 2017/07/19(水) 08:23:13.37
Even though he's ugly why is he being gorioshi'd?

2: 2017/07/19(水) 08:23:39.71
I wouldn't say it's to the extent of gorioshi

3: 2017/07/19(水) 08:23:50.06
He was on Kamen Rider so he's safe


4: 2017/07/19(水) 08:23:56.08
He's an ikemen don't be jealous

7: 2017/07/19(水) 08:24:57.07
He's not ugly but he's not an ikemen either

5: 2017/07/19(水) 08:24:06.25
He's different from Goriki his acting is excellent

9: 2017/07/19(水) 08:25:24.32
He's good looking


10: 2017/07/19(水) 08:26:02.28
Suda "Kamen Rider?"

11: 2017/07/19(水) 08:26:12.12
I don't think he's gorioshi
He the same as Oguri Shun, in a category of ikemen that are hard to get

14: 2017/07/19(水) 08:27:02.26
Oguri Shun is basically good looking

18: 2017/07/19(水) 08:27:59.56
That's because you've gotten used to seeing him
When he first came out there was a storm of men asking why he was popular

12: 2017/07/19(水) 08:26:43.39
Suda Masaki and Ayano Go are more popular with men than women

21: 2017/07/19(水) 08:28:15.38
Goriki isn't popular with anyone

13: 2017/07/19(水) 08:26:46.49
The general opinion is already known so even though he's not an ikemen he will still be popular

22: 2017/07/19(水) 08:28:25.05
First of all Goriki isn't ugly

23: 2017/07/19(水) 08:28:56.11
It's really easy to understand the internet's opinions on actors, like whether they are popular with otaku
If he didn't do Rider then he would definitely be criticized

25: 2017/07/19(水) 08:29:15.25
Takahashi Issei and Hoshino Gen are in that puzzling ikemen category

30: 2017/07/19(水) 08:30:08.53
What women consider and ikemen and what men consider an ikemen are different


31: 2017/07/19(水) 08:30:19.26
Male version of Goriki is hilarious
This has some sense

35: 2017/07/19(水) 08:30:55.10
Suda Masaki looks like a young version of Domoto Tsuyoshi when he was still good looking and young
Yamazaki Kento, Nomura Shouhei ← These guys are not so handsome

36: 2017/07/19(水) 08:31:00.02
Is there anyone who likes Ayano Go?
I don't think his face is all that great but in movies he looks really cool

37: 2017/07/19(水) 08:31:09.22
In the au CM he looks like an ikemen. Anything other than that he's super ugly

39: 2017/07/19(水) 08:31:26.94
He's a Kamen Rider...


42: 2017/07/19(水) 08:31:32.93
I'm sick of his showing off
But this entire generation is like that though

46: 2017/07/19(水) 08:33:01.20
Goriki isn't popular with women but this guy is

68: 2017/07/19(水) 08:37:00.20
I saw Goriki recently for the first time in a while and she got prettier


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