Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shimazaki Haruka Becomes a Different Person with Plastic Surgery

bandicam 2017-07-10 16-31-31-619

1: 2017/07/10(月) 13:59:58.05
no title
no title 

2: 2017/07/10(月) 14:00:47.96
This is a different person right?

7: 2017/07/10(月) 14:15:25.35
Who the heck is this

8: 2017/07/10(月) 14:15:52.04
She's too thin, she looks like a dried out thing

12: 2017/07/10(月) 14:17:55.26

15: 2017/07/10(月) 14:20:30.55
Her nose is smashed w

20: 2017/07/10(月) 14:29:03.53
Paruru from the early days was like this

22: 2017/07/10(月) 14:32:21.17
Who is this

23: 2017/07/10(月) 14:32:29.51
That's the face from her yearbook

no title

27: 2017/07/10(月) 14:35:10.30
Who is this, she's like a college student that I would see in my neighborhood

31: 2017/07/10(月) 14:37:45.97
Reminds me of Michael Jackson in his last years

34: 2017/07/10(月) 14:40:35.90
Paruru from the early days has returned!

37: 2017/07/10(月) 14:42:38.21
It's like she's doing something that she doesn't want to do

42: 2017/07/10(月) 14:46:03.94
Paruru has always become ugly when she laughs

47: 2017/07/10(月) 14:53:32.17
Is this the fault of the image quality?

50: 2017/07/10(月) 14:57:36.32
She always had that face

57: 2017/07/10(月) 15:01:15.04
Everyone has plastic surgery so who cares

59: 2017/07/10(月) 15:04:15.38
This is no good...

35: 2017/07/10(月) 14:41:08.91
This is the first time I've seen her doing such a desperate idol pose w


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