Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sakurai Sho was Super Hot in the Past

1: 2017/07/26(水) 11:34:37.366 ID:UpvcaPmbpFOX
no title

no title

no title

2: 2017/07/26(水) 11:35:14.057 ID:r02Z8T0Y6FOX
Old man

3: 2017/07/26(水) 11:35:22.976 ID:wUk08eU2dFOX
First of all lose weight

5: 2017/07/26(水) 11:35:31.951 ID:D/oz6LXPMFOX
Yamada Taro no Monogatari was the best

6: 2017/07/26(水) 11:35:40.562 ID:+PIyHm+ApFOX
I thought the last one was Ariyoshi

8: 2017/07/26(水) 11:35:59.378 ID:92SrwKh00FOX
Me too

7: 2017/07/26(水) 11:35:59.140 ID:l7nKmGwXdFOX
It's like I'm watching Domoto Tsuyoshi's transformation

10: 2017/07/26(水) 11:38:10.789 BE:438967344-2BP(0)
Even if he's fat he's on this level

11: 2017/07/26(水) 11:38:15.986 ID:l7nKmGwXdFOX
Who is this?

no title

The correct answer is here

no title

13: 2017/07/26(水) 11:39:41.515 ID:92SrwKh00FOX
Is he someone's grandfather?



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