Monday, July 3, 2017

Ranking of Actresses Who Definitely Do Not Have Plastic Surgery

1位 Ashida Mana
2位 Aragaki Yui
3位 Tsuchiya Tao
4位 Hirose Suzu
5位 Hashimoto Kanna
6位 Shida Mirai
7位 Sasaki Nozomi 
8位 Arimura Kasumi
9位 Kawaguchi Haruna 
10位 Goriki Ayame

2: 2017/07/02(日) 07:59:24.57
Just an aspiration

3: 2017/07/02(日) 07:59:56.02
I think Goriki has plastic surgery

5: 2017/07/02(日) 08:00:51.16
Arimura definitely seems like she would do it w

6: 2017/07/02(日) 08:00:57.05
Number 1 is strange...

9: 2017/07/02(日) 08:01:53.81
Gakki has a completely different face than from in the past

13: 2017/07/02(日) 08:03:38.33
Aragaki has done it
If you do an image search you'll see

14: 2017/07/02(日) 08:04:20.61
no title 
no title 

You can easily tell that Gakki has plastic surgery

15: 2017/07/02(日) 08:05:02.26
Buruzon Chiemi

19: 2017/07/02(日) 08:06:05.66
Almost all of them have plastic surgery on their teeth

20: 2017/07/02(日) 08:06:19.18
Oshima from Morisanchu

no title

29: 2017/07/02(日) 08:08:50.74
The one who really hasn't had any is Kahara Tomomi

no title

30: 2017/07/02(日) 08:08:52.53
I thought Shida Mirai's unnatural eyes were from plastic surgery that she got when she was a kid...

33: 2017/07/02(日) 08:10:29.70
This one has definitely done it

no title

37: 2017/07/02(日) 08:11:34.62
Adachi Yumi looks exactly like she did in the past
Fukatsu Eri looks the same

46: 2017/07/02(日) 08:13:20.79
Goriki ww
She got her eyelids done

56: 2017/07/02(日) 08:16:43.74
As for Gakki, her gums used to poke out a bit but now they don't anymore

no title

65: 2017/07/02(日) 08:19:23.37
Better yet Tao was cuter than she is now

no title

no title

92: 2017/07/02(日) 08:28:33.14
Of course Nanao's name isn't there

94: 2017/07/02(日) 08:30:05.31
My Suzu-chan is completely natural so I feel bad!

103: 2017/07/02(日) 08:32:19.67
Nagasawa Masami, Kawaguchi Haruna, and Oshima Yuko have been confirmed as not having any

142: 2017/07/02(日) 08:46:23.64
Hashimoto Kanna when she was a child

no title 
no title 

Sasaki Nozomi when she was a child
no title

168: 2017/07/02(日) 08:52:40.46
Mana-chan just grew up w



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