Thursday, July 20, 2017

Popular Voice Actor Namikawa Daisuke Apologizes for Affair Scandal

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The popular voice actor Namika Daisuke (41) apologized on his agency's official website in regard to the information about his extramarital affair published on Bunshun Online that same day. "I deeply apologize for causing such controversy," apologized. 

Bunshun revealed that Namikawa was engaged in a long time affair with an employee at his agency. 

2: 2017/07/19(水) 16:41:37.83
What's up with this gorilla

3: 2017/07/19(水) 16:42:24.52
I hate this guy's acting so I'd be happy if he disappeared

11: 2017/07/19(水) 16:44:47.30
He's kind of slimy


5: 2017/07/19(水) 16:43:33.70
Which one is married?

8: 2017/07/19(水) 16:44:02.00
There are women who are okay with this kind of old guy?

12: 2017/07/19(水) 16:44:47.69
It's because he has a good voice

9: 2017/07/19(水) 16:44:04.63
You should just disappear

13: 2017/07/19(水) 16:44:48.21

14: 2017/07/19(水) 16:44:52.33
A fake Ishikiwa Goemon wwww

15: 2017/07/19(水) 16:45:06.43
He's married but it's well known that he likes messing around with women so no one is surprised
I don't know he appears on tv with that face

16: 2017/07/19(水) 16:45:08.33
He's so bad it's scary
To the point that you wouldn't think he's a veteran

23: 2017/07/19(水) 16:47:02.87
It seems that this guy was a child actor but even though he has always been shitty at acting why has he been popular?

25: 2017/07/19(水) 16:47:11.52
His acting is horrible
And to think his acting sucks


26: 2017/07/19(水) 16:47:22.00
Adultery is really becoming a part of the culture

28: 2017/07/19(水) 16:47:41.72
Everyone keeps saying he sucks but I didn't think he was that bad
But when he did that sleazy gut in Ore Monogatari I understood why people say he sucks

29: 2017/07/19(水) 16:47:42.53
Eat Bunshun's bullet~

33: 2017/07/19(水) 16:48:41.96
I can't trust guys who don't know what they are apologizing for

34: 2017/07/19(水) 16:48:47.49
It's super lame for voice actors to be apologizing for affairs

39: 2017/07/19(水) 16:49:28.83
He's just saying that this information is entirely true

35: 2017/07/19(水) 16:49:05.73
So he has no intention of breaking up with her

36: 2017/07/19(水) 16:49:11.23
You are welcome to retire

43: 2017/07/19(水) 16:50:15.44
There are no Japanese people who are not having affairs or who haven't had affairs

45: 2017/07/19(水) 16:50:24.98
He sure has the courage to have an affair while being so ugly

52: 2017/07/19(水) 16:51:35.11
How cheap of Bunshun, get a scoop on someone more famous w



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