Monday, July 31, 2017

Mariah Carey Becomes a Different Person with Weight Gain


3: 2017/07/30(日) 06:15:03.66
She gained weight again...
Even though she was bragging about losing weight recently...

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5: 2017/07/30(日) 06:16:18.83
Finally past the 100 kg line...

7: 2017/07/30(日) 06:17:51.92
She just like a baseball player, eating fried chicken backstage after each song

9: 2017/07/30(日) 06:17:59.56
I don't know who she is anymore...

11: 2017/07/30(日) 06:18:24.82
I like it

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12: 2017/07/30(日) 06:19:02.05
She doesn't look like she is 100 kg...

14: 2017/07/30(日) 06:19:19.29
I wonder if it's possible for a female Japanese talent become a fatso that's over 100 kg even though they were beautiful in their younger years

15: 2017/07/30(日) 06:20:12.19
Japan's pop princess too...

16: 2017/07/30(日) 06:20:21.37
Her stiletto's will break! Run!

17: 2017/07/30(日) 06:20:42.79
She surpassed Amachi Mari's drastic weight gain but going over 100 kg

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20: 2017/07/30(日) 06:20:58.67
Watanabe Naomi is amazing

21: 2017/07/30(日) 06:21:04.45
She's getting closer to Watanabe Naomi

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27: 2017/07/30(日) 06:22:05.69
As a woman 100 is really something

35: 2017/07/30(日) 06:25:59.33
If you get stepped on by these shoes, a whole will probably open in your foot

42: 2017/07/30(日) 06:30:19.72
106 is a body like Watanabe Naomi

51: 2017/07/30(日) 06:35:27.46
Since she's tall she's just on the chubbier side
But those stilettos are crying for mercy w

53: 2017/07/30(日) 06:36:08.81
She won't be able to live very long like this

64: 2017/07/30(日) 06:40:40.70
She was really pretty when she was younger
She is still young, time is too fleeting

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71: 2017/07/30(日) 06:43:10.27
She had the nerve to wear those heels
That's dangerous

78: 2017/07/30(日) 06:45:08.76
She should do a character like Funasshi
Like Mariasshi or Careysshi

8: 2017/07/30(日) 06:17:56.88
The Japanese Watanabe Naomi


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