Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kamiki Ryounosuke's Height is less than 170 CM...


Kamiki Ryounosuke reveals his "height complex"

"As for height, I wanted more. I wanted at least 174 cm." It seems that his actual height is 168, and when he co-starred with the 189 cm tall Higashide Masahiro in the movie "Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo," in order to make the difference in their height appear more natural, he stood on a stand called a "hakouma" [lit. "horse box] and performed. 

"It was super embarrassing.  I agreed to stand on the hakouma thinking 'who cares?!' It's not a shameful thing but having people think 'That guy is standing on a hakouma and seriously acting' is bad for me."

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2: 2017/07/15(土) 12:51:42.39
This kid is cute

5: 2017/07/15(土) 12:54:04.69
I guess men are better of being tall after all

9: 2017/07/15(土) 12:55:48.22
It's good that he can do cutesy roles forever. 
If he doesn't have any scandals and continues being an actor then he will be good for serial dramas. 

10: 2017/07/15(土) 12:55:49.20
People who say they are 168 are usually 166 or 165

13: 2017/07/15(土) 12:57:21.38
174 cm is also short so he'll have a complex
If you don't have at least 178 there's no appeal 

16: 2017/07/15(土) 12:58:25.57
In Higashide's recent dramas, in order to have discretion in the balance of the actors, they have been using tall EXILE types
He looks good with An, but if the actor is too tall then the other actors will be troubled. 

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23: 2017/07/15(土) 13:00:45.90
These types of people who get laughs from self depreciation are popular

25: 2017/07/15(土) 13:01:44.13
So that means he's not even 165

29: 2017/07/15(土) 13:02:54.48
So that means he's 163

31: 2017/07/15(土) 13:04:01.58
I just think that his parents and his company had the idea that he would have become more of an ikemen

32: 2017/07/15(土) 13:04:17.74
The cute type actors have it tough when they get older

35: 2017/07/15(土) 13:04:53.83
But if he was too good looking then Too Young to Die! wouldn't have been entertaining

36: 2017/07/15(土) 13:05:17.09
And this is how he gets popular

9: 2017/07/15(土) 13:07:00.33
I wonder if he's still dating Busa Busa

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42: 2017/07/15(土) 13:09:20.30
There are a lot of child actors who don't grow very tall

43: 2017/07/15(土) 13:09:25.44
I always had the impression that he was taller
People who look short tend to be taller than expected
The impression that you get from the screen is different huh. 

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46: 2017/07/15(土) 13:09:51.98
It's sad that he's not even 170 cm

47: 2017/07/15(土) 13:10:04.72
He has a small face so he looks tall

28: 2017/07/15(土) 13:02:45.04
Being able to make a joke of this is the secret to Kamiki's popularity. 
Usually, you take things like this to your grave... w


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