Friday, July 14, 2017

Honda Tsubasa's Visuals for Live Action Full Metal Alchemist Movie are Too Terrible

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no title

2: 2017/07/13(木) 05:06:14.77
School arts festival

4: 2017/07/13(木) 05:07:44.43
It's too much like a cosplay convention I'm cracking up

no title

7: 2017/07/13(木) 05:11:17.67
More like an image character than a cosplay

8: 2017/07/13(木) 05:11:42.53
You can know that the visuals are good even if you don't watch it
But I'm not concerned with that

10: 2017/07/13(木) 05:11:57.94
Nope to all of this

11: 2017/07/13(木) 05:12:00.66
What the hell is Al. It's Alphonse isn't it

13: 2017/07/13(木) 05:13:34.02
Envy looks horrible

14: 2017/07/13(木) 05:13:36.03
I don't want this to be said, but for a Japanese movie, they put a good effort didn't they?

20: 2017/07/13(木) 05:15:25.90
They should've had white people do it

73: 2017/07/13(木) 05:39:53.91
Completely agree

104: 2017/07/13(木) 05:50:26.91
If they did then it would turn into Ghost in the Shell or Dragon Ball
Also they wouldn't stick to the source material

21: 2017/07/13(木) 05:15:51.03
I like Renbutsu Misako but I thought Hawkeye was supposed to be more beautiful

22: 2017/07/13(木) 05:16:05.13
Only Lust looks right

24: 2017/07/13(木) 05:16:24.09
Dean should have been that Chinese guy who appears later on

29: 2017/07/13(木) 05:18:37.03

no title

31: 2017/07/13(木) 05:19:32.20
Lust is too ugly

32: 2017/07/13(木) 05:20:25.85
The wrench that Winrey is holding w
They couldn't make a better prop?

573: 2017/07/13(木) 08:29:02.64
That wrench won't tighten anything

34: 2017/07/13(木) 05:20:52.30
Roy was supposed to be an oriental though

38: 2017/07/13(木) 05:24:25.24
Why are they doing a live action like this

40: 2017/07/13(木) 05:24:58.70
Too horrible w

28: 2017/07/13(木) 05:18:11.92
This is just a cosplay convention
Who is asking for a live action anime adaption


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