Monday, July 3, 2017

Hashimoto Kanna Gets Defeated by Hirose Suzu

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1: 2017/07/02(日) 13:05:46.74
Why did she lose...

3: 2017/07/02(日) 13:06:03.70

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41: 2017/07/02(日) 13:12:46.05
I guess this is it
The different between an idol and an actress

4: 2017/07/02(日) 13:06:09.95
Hirose Suzu says more interesting things

7: 2017/07/02(日) 13:07:03.56
Are you saying that she lost again with Gintama?

8: 2017/07/02(日) 13:07:30.04
The newest Hashimoto Kanna photos in June

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9: 2017/07/02(日) 13:07:37.09
The difference between an idol and an actress

15: 2017/07/02(日) 13:08:51.28

22: 2017/07/02(日) 13:09:58.87
Believe in Gintama

25: 2017/07/02(日) 13:10:27.59
Lose weight

30: 2017/07/02(日) 13:11:14.94
Their potentials were too different in the first place

37: 2017/07/02(日) 13:12:17.22
Because Hirose Suzu hides her face with her hairstyle

40: 2017/07/02(日) 13:12:39.08
Conversely in regards to HashiKan Hirose is an insufficient rival

46: 2017/07/02(日) 13:13:27.32
Because Hashimoto just does supporting roles

53: 2017/07/02(日) 13:14:42.84
She's short so I don't think she's suited for being an actress

54: 2017/07/02(日) 13:15:23.05
This is sad

61: 2017/07/02(日) 13:17:00.61
Gintama will surely be a huge hit...

62: 2017/07/02(日) 13:17:00.69
Both of them are cute so it's hard to say which is better


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