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Fukuyama Masaharu Ranks Low for "2017 Men You Want to Sleep With" Rank

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1. Saitou Takumi
2. Hanyu Yuzuru 
3. Dean Fujioka
4. Kimura Takuya
5. Johnny Depp
6. Satou Koichi
7. Takahashi Issei
7.Tokui Yoshimi
9. Nagase Tomoya
10. Fukuyama Masaharu

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4: 2017/07/20(木) 08:03:03.11
More importantly than Kimura what happened to Fukuyama?


7: 2017/07/20(木) 08:04:57.62
Because he got married

15: 2017/07/20(木) 08:07:49.45
If it's that, then KimuTaku has been married for a long time...

5: 2017/07/20(木) 08:04:12.83
I have a feeling that the era where KimuTaku and Fukuyama Masaharu were popular is a time long ago....

9: 2017/07/20(木) 08:05:49.95
KimuTaku's popularity is firmly rooted huh..

10: 2017/07/20(木) 08:06:11.08
I just thought that there is no one that has overwhelming popularity like Kimura Takuya or Fukuyama Masaharu did in their younger years

12: 2017/07/20(木) 08:07:19.23
Who was the number 1 from last time?
He disappeared didn't he

22: 2017/07/20(木) 08:10:41.48
There are almost no younger people
When men age their attractiveness shines through

75: 2017/07/20(木) 08:31:34.38
I feel like men's "sexiness" doesn't come out until they become adults
Younger guys in their twenties are lively but it's different from being sexy. 
The appeal that comes out after their 30s is what makes women think "I want to sleep with him"

90: 2017/07/20(木) 08:37:23.24
But KimuTaku and Fukuyama both ranked in their 20's right?

92: 2017/07/20(木) 08:38:12.29
It's because this is a magazine for old ladies

25: 2017/07/20(木) 08:11:25.98
KimuTaku's face looks younger

36: 2017/07/20(木) 08:13:41.65
Nothing but old guys

37: 2017/07/20(木) 08:14:51.03
The current Johnny Depp is no go
He's just a dirty little old man

40: 2017/07/20(木) 08:15:40.33
If they did women you want to sleep with, it would be all women in their 20s
Only ones in their 30s who would enter would be like Fukakyon

49: 2017/07/20(木) 08:19:58.34
This is a weird ranking
There are no current guys

52: 2017/07/20(木) 08:20:23.27
If you put KimuTaku and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi together I would pick KimuTaku


54: 2017/07/20(木) 08:21:30.64
The last one was not last year but in 2015
1. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
2. Kimura Takuya (SMAP)
3. Goromaru Ayumu
4. Saitou Takumi
5. Yamashita Tomohisa
6. Yuzuru Hanyu
7. Uchida Atsuto
8. Nishikori Kei
9. Fukuyama Masaharu
10. Sakurai Sho

64: 2017/07/20(木) 08:26:32.22
Kimutaku and Hanyuu are strong


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