Monday, July 31, 2017

Fans Praise Genking's New Image



3: 2017/07/30(日) 11:14:46.77
Yoshimoto Miyoko?

4: 2017/07/30(日) 11:15:13.03
Wasn't he up to his knees in debt?

5: 2017/07/30(日) 11:15:43.39
Wasn't he better just as he was until now?

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8: 2017/07/30(日) 11:16:11.15
Those color contacts are gross
Not just the color contacts though w

9: 2017/07/30(日) 11:16:25.18
This is an image that gives you a really weird feeling the more you look at it

11: 2017/07/30(日) 11:17:04.88
This guy just wants to become a woman after all

12: 2017/07/30(日) 11:17:16.48
The eyes were made too big with a photo editing app

20: 2017/07/30(日) 11:21:09.78
This is just photoshopped the real person hasn't changed all that much

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21: 2017/07/30(日) 11:21:17.97
A person of many mysteries

24: 2017/07/30(日) 11:22:25.46
He has color contacts doesn't he w
Anyway I've never since this person smiling with all of his might not once

26: 2017/07/30(日) 11:24:08.56
Does he want to become a woman?

27: 2017/07/30(日) 11:24:13.66
Lately I've haven't seen him.
Good, good. 

34: 2017/07/30(日) 11:26:52.16
Does he have a tattoo on his wrist?
I put memos there to not forget things

36: 2017/07/30(日) 11:27:10.00
This is the guy who always has his tongue flapping around while he talks

38: 2017/07/30(日) 11:28:09.66
If he stopped maintaining them his eyebrows would probably touch

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50: 2017/07/30(日) 11:31:35.69
He fiddled with the image so much lol

55: 2017/07/30(日) 11:34:42.72
From Kudou Shizuka, what has he shifted to

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60: 2017/07/30(日) 11:39:45.25
He hasn't been on tv lately, so what is he doing?

69: 2017/07/30(日) 11:44:46.47
He was better before

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89: 2017/07/30(日) 12:06:17.67
Another Instagram picture w
This guy is an Instagram celebrity

94: 2017/07/30(日) 12:08:27.09
There are a lot of people who are really self-assertive, or rather, people who are like "Look at me!"

98: 2017/07/30(日) 12:12:54.49
You say he stopped with the color contacts but he just has black ones in
He put himself forth as a pretty man, but now he has gone and done plastic surgery on his entire body...


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