Monday, June 19, 2017

Why Can Johnny's Continue After Being Married, But AKB Members Have to Quit?

1: 2017/06/18(日) 08:55:57.84 ID:rUpWXiQF0
Isn't that sexist against women?

2: 2017/06/18(日) 08:57:01.58 ID:3D0tithf0
The difference between old men and girls

3: 2017/06/18(日) 08:59:06.85 ID:g/0Aqmtw0
Johnny's usually get married after 30
AKB tends to get married at around 20
Probably because of the lack of education
I wonder what happened with Eternal who got married young

5: 2017/06/18(日) 09:01:12.59 ID:d7n+Ices0
There are guys like Akanishi in Johnny's who received a penalty and quit

10: 2017/06/18(日) 09:02:39.15 ID:VgdfV4uXa
Because if you break school regulations and company regulations you'll receive punishment

12: 2017/06/18(日) 09:09:13.54 ID:rUpWXiQF0
Akimoto "There is no love ban rule. That's just hearsay."

11: 2017/06/18(日) 09:04:15.87 ID:g/0Aqmtw0
KimuTaku married at 28, Kazuma Shunsuke at 29, and Yamaguchi Tatsuya married at 36

15: 2017/06/18(日) 09:13:34.66 ID:g/0Aqmtw0
Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi-san's marriage was allowed so he hasn't quit
The marriage hurdle in Johnny's is high

16: 2017/06/18(日) 09:14:14.60 ID:iV0FhAFj0
Amuro had a shotgun marriage at 20, got divorced and then had dating rumors with London Boots' Ryo and even in the worst situation still remained popular. Gross male otaku fans will separate themselves immediately but if you get female fans it's smooth sailing

19: 2017/06/18(日) 09:18:57.48 ID:ifDMmAAJM
No one's telling them to quit
If they think they can continue like that then they should continue

20: 2017/06/18(日) 09:19:04.74 ID:vwbAUuTM0
Why is 1 saying that she'll quit? Has she said she'll quit?

21: 2017/06/18(日) 09:24:23.94 ID:cD6gtf2rd
It's because there's a lot of wotas saying she should quit

27: 2017/06/18(日) 09:39:41.55 ID:dZvVIRpW0
It's because she's resented by number 1 and number 2's company

22: 2017/06/18(日) 09:27:51.43 ID:9VNMU+WY0
There was no rule anywhere saying that she has to quit
You guys are just pushing the rule that you thought of on her
I am in Suto's position

24: 2017/06/18(日) 09:31:18.41 ID:U4JzJ3wb0
There is no need for her to quit
Don't put them on those cutesy programs
Also drop the group from Kohaku
Just stop with the spoiling of the fans

29: 2017/06/18(日) 09:56:06.14 ID:Pcj7QGlFK
In the past there was a precedent for the men to be young and not in a relationship but because KimuTaku they started to be allowed to be married

30: 2017/06/18(日) 10:15:31.74 ID:uK0ZzmMWr
If wotas are going to continue supporting idols getting piped down by men all over the place then fine

34: 2017/06/18(日) 13:49:01.94 ID:RDh7vx4+0
If a Johnny said at 20 that the was going to get married he would definitely quit
All the married ones are near their early 30s

33: 2017/06/18(日) 12:26:25.49 ID:B1aVXE2ca
Johnny's never claimed to have a love ban



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