Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Queen of Plastic Surgery Goes Back to Peak Cuteness

bandicam 2017-06-13 16-07-42-868

1: 2017/06/13(火) 15:54:56.22

bandicam 2017-06-13 16-06-41-264

3: 2017/06/13(火) 15:55:57.93
I think there should be a mosaic on her face

4: 2017/06/13(火) 15:56:52.46
Did she go back to her junior high years?

6: 2017/06/13(火) 15:57:14.40
Even if you are popular in a group, when you go solo you basically disappear

8: 2017/06/13(火) 15:58:29.08

10: 2017/06/13(火) 15:59:07.39
She's too dark

15: 2017/06/13(火) 15:59:15.71
She looks pretty good but she has a bad figure
She's too short and her head is huge

17: 2017/06/13(火) 15:59:28.97
Itano Tomomi version 10.2.1?


18: 2017/06/13(火) 15:59:38.15
Her face doesn't suit her midget body

21: 2017/06/13(火) 15:59:46.40
Huge face!

26: 2017/06/13(火) 16:00:30.61

Who is this?

28: 2017/06/13(火) 16:01:03.51
She should just hurry up and get married
Her pride is too high

32: 2017/06/13(火) 16:01:28.31
Was she able to become Namie Amuro?

33: 2017/06/13(火) 16:01:31.84
It's regretful that she tries to act all cute but is a chibi

33: 2017/06/13(火) 16:01:31.84
Who asked for this

35: 2017/06/13(火) 16:01:39.13
The woman who embodies the sadness of messing with you face and boobs but not with your skeletal structure

37: 2017/06/13(火) 16:01:40.96
Itano is ugly even with plastic surgery

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