Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tegoshi Allegedly to Lose Spot on Popular Variety Show Due to Scandals

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1: 2017/06/06(火) 13:36:45.13
no title
*Tegoshi to resign from Itte Q!

2: 2017/06/06(火) 13:37:13.04
Haaaaaa wwwwwwwww

5: 2017/06/06(火) 13:37:25.78
Just what you deseeeeeeerve

7: 2017/06/06(火) 13:37:44.30
He shouldn't be in a program that kids are watching


8: 2017/06/06(火) 13:37:44.34
Of course

10: 2017/06/06(火) 13:37:51.92
Huh seriously? I won't watch it anymore sayonara

12: 2017/06/06(火) 13:37:58.67
This is a pretty serious thing as I thought

15: 2017/06/06(火) 13:38:19.78
This is sad. I won't watch it anymore

16: 2017/06/06(火) 13:38:20.13
LOL at him being under a mosaic

17: 2017/06/06(火) 13:38:22.74
Since the source is Tokyo Sports this might be possible

19: 2017/06/06(火) 13:38:28.02
Of course this would happen
He would normally be banished from the entertainment biz

22: 2017/06/06(火) 13:38:33.91
It doesn't make a difference if he's there or not
He showed off too much and was annoying so it's better if he's gone

41: 2017/06/06(火) 13:39:27.50
Well this is a program that gets %20 ratings so this was bound to happen
Sayonara Tegoshi

49: 2017/06/06(火) 13:39:47.13
He's going to lose all of his regular programs!

63: 2017/06/06(火) 13:40:14.12
Tegoshi hasn't done anything wrong
I won't watch the program or the network

71: 2017/06/06(火) 13:40:34.41
Seriously? I'm going to start watching Itte Q again

79: 2017/06/06(火) 13:41:00.88
This guy is so stubborn even though he's rotten to the core



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