Friday, June 30, 2017

Ninomiya Kazunari's History of Girlfriends

1: 2017/06/25(日) 14:21:57.98 ID:SQRkAsvU0
Gotou Maki
Shiina Noriko
Nagasawa Masami
Mizukawa Asami
Sasaki Nozomi
Ito Ayako

Either way that was his golden age

2: 2017/06/25(日) 14:22:37.65 ID:SQRkAsvU0
Gotou Maki who debuted
Nagasawa Masami in her golden age
Sasaki Nozomi in her golden age was out of this world
What is so popular about this gloomy guy?

3: 2017/06/25(日) 14:22:39.23 ID:/hN6VSSGd
Who the heck are Shiina Norkiko and Ito Ayako

5: 2017/06/25(日) 14:23:19.82 ID:JS8Wt3v40
Hmm he's pretty good looking

10: 2017/06/25(日) 14:24:00.57 ID:SQRkAsvU0
Good looking? He's super short with messed up teeth and a plain face

12: 2017/06/25(日) 14:24:17.23 ID:PtEUq0nW0
He's a big headed chibi

13: 2017/06/25(日) 14:24:20.57 ID:p/l4z/KJ0
Wasn't GoMaki with Yamapi?
I don't know if she had rumors with Nino though

17: 2017/06/25(日) 14:24:48.20 ID:SQRkAsvU0
Yamapi is her next man
There are pictures too

14: 2017/06/25(日) 14:24:31.10 ID:9gvT8rMW0
Ito Ayako makes me the most jealous

18: 2017/06/25(日) 14:25:05.39 ID:3C8nBzLl0
What's good about him is his fame and his resume

20: 2017/06/25(日) 14:25:33.26 ID:SQRkAsvU0
This guy was really popular right after his debut
I don't know why though

19: 2017/06/25(日) 14:25:32.16 ID:p/l4z/KJ0
There was an incident in which some gross wota said "My Gocchin!" and threw a mysterious liquid on Yamapi
I don't know if Ninomiya had the same incident

24: 2017/06/25(日) 14:26:14.50 ID:SQRkAsvU0
Since he was young Yamapi had an aura about him and he had appealing features
This guy has no aura and he's basic looking

25: 2017/06/25(日) 14:26:52.88 ID:ZcrzJRRr0
If he didn't have the Johnny's name he would just be a regular guy
I wonder if it's different from a woman's point of view

27: 2017/06/25(日) 14:27:00.44 ID:SGZf9lNud
Among the Johnny's I like him
Even though he's short

30: 2017/06/25(日) 14:27:36.78 ID:UlP4giUTp
He seems to be the most put together in Arashi

32: 2017/06/25(日) 14:28:28.76 ID:+jwqpL0Ua
 I only know a handful of really good looking Johnnies.
Only Nagase, Matsuoka and Yamashita

39: 2017/06/25(日) 14:30:21.21 ID:dDw89OUxd
Arashi have really come this far thanks to Sakurai and MatsuJun
What the heck have the other been doing
Especially Aiba

41: 2017/06/25(日) 14:31:01.93 ID:Gjb6Wp/wd
In the past he was really popular
Now it's really just because he has a name

22: 2017/06/25(日) 14:25:55.68 ID:K5iyOaeN0
It's because he's really good looking
You guys who are desperately criticizing him are just sad



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