Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nakama Yukie's Husband Caught Cheating


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Because of work, Nakama has been away from Japan. While she was gone, her husband Tanaka Tetsushi was seens walking arm in arm with a mysterious woman. 

3: 2017/06/02(金) 07:36:40.74
Hmm this can't be forgiven

5: 2017/06/02(金) 07:37:42.60
You're cheating even though you have this kind of wife?!

9: 2017/06/02(金) 07:38:21.30
Too trashy w
Good thing this happened before they had kids

12: 2017/06/02(金) 07:39:00.90
Divorce at once!

14: 2017/06/02(金) 07:39:13.33
From the start I didn't understand why Nakama married this kind of guy
He was cheating when they were dating right?

20: 2017/06/02(金) 07:40:38.58
Nakama has become an old lady he's probably tired of her

23: 2017/06/02(金) 07:41:17.39
This is because Nakama's aging has been incredible

24: 2017/06/02(金) 07:41:17.75
Nakama Yukie has gotten fat and old so she isn't pretty anymore
Even thought Ito Masaki has given birth and is still pretty

36: 2017/06/02(金) 07:42:53.49

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39: 2017/06/02(金) 07:43:28.43
Since it's Nakama Yukie she has plenty of chance to get remarried. She should dump him

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49: 2017/06/02(金) 07:45:06.99
There are lots of people who have affairs in the third year of marriage

57: 2017/06/02(金) 07:46:03.13
The cause of Yuki getting super fat is this


63: 2017/06/02(金) 07:46:28.52
She married an unexpected person huh

66: 2017/06/02(金) 07:46:54.04
One vote for it being advertisement for a drama

72: 2017/06/02(金) 07:47:56.49
So this is the cause of Nakama Yukie gaining weight and aging


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