Friday, June 16, 2017

Arimura Kasumi and Matsumoto Jun's Soaking Wet Kiss Scene

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Matsumoto Jun and Arimura Kasumi star together for the first time in the film "Narratage." Matsumoto spoke of the "soaking wet kiss scene" from the special scene that became a topic of discussion recently. 

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Matsumoto Jun on "soaking wet kiss scene": "We got an OK in one shot and I don't remember it."

3: 2017/06/15(木) 08:35:20.55
This will inadvertently surpass KimuTaku's movie

4: 2017/06/15(木) 08:35:24.22
Don't touch my Kasumi you lizard face old man

7: 2017/06/15(木) 08:36:20.22
It can't be with just water

16: 2017/06/15(木) 08:41:57.51
It has to be pee

8: 2017/06/15(木) 08:36:28.63
no title

10: 2017/06/15(木) 08:37:58.12
She's cute when she turns around

9: 2017/06/15(木) 08:37:31.43
MatsuJun's face is probably smaller than hers

15: 2017/06/15(木) 08:41:49.66
Because there was no pee

19: 2017/06/15(木) 08:44:40.39
You guys are talking about pee too much w


20: 2017/06/15(木) 08:45:36.55
Piss Jun won't be blacklisted huh
As you would expect from a Johnny

27: 2017/06/15(木) 08:51:25.76
Poor Arimura Kasumi...

34: 2017/06/15(木) 08:59:03.23
I only have a filthy image of him w


37: 2017/06/15(木) 09:01:04.98
When I hear soaking wet I only think of pee

46: 2017/06/15(木) 09:14:01.82
He's indirectly kissed pee before right

57: 2017/06/15(木) 09:29:59.81
Piss Jun has a bad image now and he's not as popular as before

58: 2017/06/15(木) 09:31:11.92
A life where the word "pee" will follow him around always

60: 2017/06/15(木) 09:32:15.44
He's actually really popular

63: 2017/06/15(木) 09:34:56.60
MatsuJun's fans have decreased and Piss Jun's fans have increased

74: 2017/06/15(木) 09:47:41.40
Piss Jun is the 2ch hero following Taima-kun

82: 2017/06/15(木) 10:09:24.48
I'm doing great today! Pee is delicious!

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