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Are TWICE Really That Popular in Japan Even Before Their Debut?

1. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:37:53 +100-1778

「大ブレーク中」TWICE人気は本物? - 日刊サイゾー
「大ブレーク中」TWICE人気は本物? - 日刊サイゾー

Their are a lot of people who are suspicious of Twice's supposed popularity. They are being pushed in Japan as having achieved more than they actually have.

Currently, Twice, who have not debuted yet,  is being reported as popular among female high school students on shows such as Mezamashi Terebi and Zip! On the June 6 episode of "Ohayou Nippon," a special segment over 12 minutes long was aired.

They're getting an excessive push in Japan, and online there are people saying "Another Korean gorioshi has begun." Of course, it can't be helped that there are negative feelings towards an idol group that is being treated as being hugely popular before debut.

gorioshi- overexposed

2. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:38:41  [通報]+2742-50
Sayonara Korea

3. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:38:47  [通報]+2951-52
デビュー前なのに「大ブレーク中」 NHK・民放がこぞって特集するTWICE人気は本物か?
Sign: Look for Twice fans

4. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:38:49  [通報]+2423-25
They're being forcibly pushed to the public eye

5. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:38:54  [通報]+2469-57
To be serious, they don't have the faces or the songs that appeal to Japanese people, so Korean or not they won't be popular

6. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:39:06  [通報]+2104-32
Hey hey say that this is a lie
There will be more Koreans?

7. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:39:15  [通報]+1118-26
JYP's gorioshi

8. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:39:16  [通報]+1367-32
I have no interest at all!

9. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:39:38  [通報]+2402-27

デビュー前なのに「大ブレーク中」 NHK・民放がこぞって特集するTWICE人気は本物か?

10. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:40:16  [通報]+1061-21
They're fakes

11. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:40:16  [通報]+1310-48
I saw their performance but I didn't feel any spark

12. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:40:25  [通報]+1798-25
Of course they won't be popular in China. So they come to Japan.

13. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:40:27  [通報]+957-36
This is my first time hearing of them!

14. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:40:31  [通報]+1757-24
Even though they're a Korean group the Japanese members and the Taiwanese members are popular. Their new song is crap

15. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:40:41  [通報]+810-30
They're makeup is old fashioned

16. 匿名 2017/06/20(火) 15:40:48  [通報]+2053-30
It's really horrible that they're being pushed into NHK aside from the public broadcast. I'm not paying the television license fee for that purpose
デビュー前なのに「大ブレーク中」 NHK・民放がこぞって特集するTWICE人気は本物か?



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