Monday, June 26, 2017

Akimoto Yasushi Comments on Sutou Ririka's Marriage Announcement


1: 2017/06/25(日) 08:21:18.96
According to Yomiuri Sunday Morning Newspaper

He hasn't directly spoken to Sutou so he doesn't know the details
Sutou's honesty backfired
He thought that she suffered a long time and then stood in that position so it's painful for him

2: 2017/06/25(日) 08:21:48.82
Boooring w

3: 2017/06/25(日) 08:22:25.65
Is he an idiot? (笑)

5: 2017/06/25(日) 08:22:50.11
Because she's "honest" she didn't say it before the election

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10: 2017/06/25(日) 08:25:22.92
If she's honest then she would have graduated at the end of last year

11: 2017/06/25(日) 08:25:28.96
This is a comment made for the purpose of protecting himself

16: 2017/06/25(日) 08:27:20.69
Ultimately the reality of her deceiving her fans and hiding it from her fans for a year hasn't changed, so why is she taking the role of a tragic heroine?
First of all Akimoto apologize to the fans yourself. This guy definitely won't lower his head. 

19: 2017/06/25(日) 08:27:47.34
Somebody else's problem  キター!
Doesn't know the details    キター!

22: 2017/06/25(日) 08:28:10.87
He apologized to Sashihara and Watanabe getting pissed off huh w

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34: 2017/06/25(日) 08:30:11.49
I look forward to the AKB groups from now on /s

48: 2017/06/25(日) 08:33:57.65
The AKB adventure still continues!!!

49: 2017/06/25(日) 08:34:46.17
That's the same as not making a comment at all

55: 2017/06/25(日) 08:36:45.96
Just say you don't have any interest in anything but Zaka

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59: 2017/06/25(日) 08:37:46.28
So basically, in between the two choices of "Hide it and be deceiving until the end" and "Be aware of the damage that will be done in the end so speak about it honestly," she chose the last one?

62: 2017/06/25(日) 08:39:52.90
Suffered a long time? 
He just found out that she was caught by Bunshun a little while ago
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69: 2017/06/25(日) 08:42:27.79
This is just like a comment made by a third party from a safe place

85: 2017/06/25(日) 08:46:51.52
Even though Akimoto is the most responsible he won't even make an apology

98: 2017/06/25(日) 08:51:26.70
He seriously didn't know
If he did know then it's doubtful whether or not he would stop her

99: 2017/06/25(日) 08:52:28.30
There is a possibility that he didn't know until she made the marriage announcement but
You are the producer
You can just end with "I didn't know" w
Speaking of which Akimoto pretty much abandoned Sutou


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