Thursday, May 4, 2017

What is the Reason Why Hashimoto Kanna Won't Catch her Big Break?

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1: 2017/05/03(水) 09:12:02.85

3: 2017/05/03(水) 09:12:22.45

4: 2017/05/03(水) 09:12:25.98
Her body

8: 2017/05/03(水) 09:13:13.60
Because she's not exposed by the media

9: 2017/05/03(水) 09:13:17.52
Her face is appealing but she doesn't have any appeal other than that

14: 2017/05/03(水) 09:14:00.49
Because she won't get naked. She tries to be all pure but she should take it off just a bit

15: 2017/05/03(水) 09:14:07.31
She's a midget

23: 2017/05/03(水) 09:15:52.55
Her face is geared towards otaku
Hirose Suzu and Fukuhara have faces that can be liked by anyone

33: 2017/05/03(水) 09:18:28.65

no title

no title

35: 2017/05/03(水) 09:19:03.02

no title

37: 2017/05/03(水) 09:19:32.89
On the other hand she doesn't have anything else other than her cuteness

45: 2017/05/03(水) 09:20:21.17
Because she has short fat legs

53: 2017/05/03(水) 09:21:19.39
She's fat

56: 2017/05/03(水) 09:21:49.69
She won't get any taller

60: 2017/05/03(水) 09:22:21.33
She's fat for an actress

68: 2017/05/03(水) 09:23:34.82
Apart from her face everything about her is the same level or below that of a regular person

58: 2017/05/03(水) 09:21:57.14
She's too beautiful that conversely she has no flavor



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