Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tanaka Koki Tests Positive for Marijuana Use

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It has been found that former KAT-TUN member Tanaka Koki has tested positive for marijuana use, according to investigators. The police headquarters is looking into the possibility that he used marijuana. 

According to the police headquarters, he has denied chargers up until now, saying "The marijuana is not mine." 

2: 2017/05/29(月) 15:09:38.87
I knew it

3: 2017/05/29(月) 15:09:55.46

5: 2017/05/29(月) 15:10:27.42
But of course


6: 2017/05/29(月) 15:10:33.93
So the credibility of a public urine test...

8: 2017/05/29(月) 15:10:51.68
So he denied it even though he knew it would be positive
Or was he betting on the possibility that it would negative?

14: 2017/05/29(月) 15:11:25.65
The fans that desperately tried to say he just like rolled tobacco (´・ω・`)


15: 2017/05/29(月) 15:11:28.52
Since he lied that it wasn't his the sentence will be longer

17: 2017/05/29(月) 15:11:43.91
Of course

28: 2017/05/29(月) 15:13:00.72
Okay, he's done with 


41: 2017/05/29(月) 15:16:33.75
Possession and use
He's done for

45: 2017/05/29(月) 15:17:10.33
Seriously? I believed in him though

47: 2017/05/29(月) 15:17:48.01
It wasn't his, but he smoked it

51: 2017/05/29(月) 15:18:05.05
Huh? So what about this program?

62: 2017/05/29(月) 15:19:27.62
Taima-kun isn't doing any Ohno

66: 2017/05/29(月) 15:20:00.03
This is shameful since he denied it


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