Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kubota Mastaka (28) Will Play High School Student in Upcoming Drama


The actor Kubota Masataka (28) will wear a school uniform and take on the role of a high school student in the Kansai TV drama "Bokutachi ga Yarimashita," which will start in July. 

"As for the position I will be playing the lead role, but I've been thinking of it as now I'm playing a high school student with people younger than me." The drama is an adaption of the manga which was serialized in "Young Magazine." Kubota will play the second year high school student Tobio. 

2: 2017/05/29(月) 05:07:44.45
There's so many things wrong with playing a high school student at 28

3: 2017/05/29(月) 05:08:33.34
Another manga cosplay w

4: 2017/05/29(月) 05:10:19.05
He looks old

7: 2017/05/29(月) 05:13:43.01
His face color always looks bad

14: 2017/05/29(月) 05:21:12.68

no title

24: 2017/05/29(月) 05:30:20.23
He doesn't have the caliber for a lead role

28: 2017/05/29(月) 05:34:09.89
He's going to be playing a high school student with that wrinkly face
KanTere has a lot of interesting things in their Tuesday 9pm slot but I can't look forward to this one

no title

34: 2017/05/29(月) 05:39:02.36
They should make a law that bans people over 25 from playing high school students
There's been to many lately

35: 2017/05/29(月) 05:39:56.02
Micheal J. Fox certainly played a high school student well into his thirties

44: 2017/05/29(月) 05:48:55.23
If Suzuki Ryohei could play a high school student in his thirties, it's okay


58: 2017/05/29(月) 06:07:55.40
The manga is super interesting you should read it

65: 2017/05/29(月) 06:13:27.81
Are recent high school students that old looking?
no title

90: 2017/05/29(月) 06:51:44.99
I like the manga but I would have liked to see it as a movie

no title

124: 2017/05/29(月) 07:23:27.27
A high school student at 28?
There are no good young actors
Dramas are done with

179: 2017/05/29(月) 08:37:51.82
The distance between Kubota and Mackenyu

no title

212: 2017/05/29(月) 09:51:37.65
Childhood friends with an 11 year age difference

no title


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