Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kimura Takuya Ignores Kimono-Clad Actress on Red Carpet at Cannes Film Festival

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1: 2017/05/20(土) 20:20:52.36
He's just an old man who only thinks of himself

A white person
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4: 2017/05/20(土) 20:21:40.40
Eh who cares?
Japanese people don't have that kind of culture

15: 2017/05/20(土) 20:23:54.83
That's not Japanese culture
I hate KimuTaku but this is no big deal

17: 2017/05/20(土) 20:24:31.33
There's no need to copy white people all the time

24: 2017/05/20(土) 20:25:48.20
I hate KimuTaku but this is only natural

31: 2017/05/20(土) 20:27:04.35
Men and women are equal

38: 2017/05/20(土) 20:28:46.70
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39: 2017/05/20(土) 20:29:13.24
You should understand the differences in culture

41: 2017/05/20(土) 20:29:41.36
At least walk a little slower

45: 2017/05/20(土) 20:30:18.36
His face is so excited lol

73: 2017/05/20(土) 20:36:30.57
When they were taking pictures he was standing on his tip toes

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97: 2017/05/20(土) 20:41:43.04
Why does someone of KimuTaku's caliber have to escort a random actress?

79: 2017/05/20(土) 20:37:24.35
Since it's KimuTaku I thought he would roll out a carpet and let her walk on that


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