Monday, May 29, 2017

Kamenashi Kazuya Finally Speaks On Tanaka Koki's Arrest


On the 27th, Kamenashi spoke about Tanaka's arrest during an interview after promotion for his film "Utsukushii Hoshi." After retiring, they did not contact each other, so Kamenashi said "I knew about it from the news." He said "I want him to proceed logically."

He found out about the news on the morning of the 25th. "I was filming a drama since the morning, so the news came to me at the same timing as everyone else. I was really shocked."



2: 2017/05/28(日) 05:14:37.38
These close colleagues didn't know of it beforehand?

4: 2017/05/28(日) 05:16:58.92
Get a comment from Akanishi

5: 2017/05/28(日) 05:17:04.51

9: 2017/05/28(日) 05:28:16.92
A cursed group

16: 2017/05/28(日) 05:39:27.82
The next one who will retire is Ueda
The next one to cause an incident will be Akanishi

19: 2017/05/28(日) 05:41:34.14
I bet he already knew so he wasn't surprised

20: 2017/05/28(日) 05:42:58.33
The group that's always living on the edge

no title

22: 2017/05/28(日) 05:43:33.72
Was this guy a friend who went out and went out to eat with him?

25: 2017/05/28(日) 05:46:17.54
This guy is always apologizing w

29: 2017/05/28(日) 05:48:01.89
They are a group which disappears one by one
Next two more will quit

32: 2017/05/28(日) 05:52:07.49
He was so cool when they debuted though

34: 2017/05/28(日) 05:55:15.37
Tanaka is just a yankee

no title

37: 2017/05/28(日) 06:01:13.55
He was good looking during Gokusen and Nobuta
But he got old

38: 2017/05/28(日) 06:05:45.01
KAT-TUN's members seriously have a bad relationship
Kamenashi actually hates Akanishi and Tanaka

45: 2017/05/28(日) 06:19:32.08
It's a good thing they broke up

53: 2017/05/28(日) 06:37:04.07
Next is Akanishi ww

no title

57: 2017/05/28(日) 06:48:43.53
Ever since Kamenashi stopped being a member he's always had to do these kinds of things w

60: 2017/05/28(日) 06:54:17.35
Before he got arrested I wanted all the members to get together and sing Real Face

73: 2017/05/28(日) 07:21:31.38
Kamenashi should get together with KimuTaku and start over with KimuKame

no title

77: 2017/05/28(日) 07:26:19.20
Are they really a popular group?
Only Kamenashi is popular

86: 2017/05/28(日) 07:38:11.16
Johnny's is on it's last legs

95: 2017/05/28(日) 07:48:50.94
Is there any other group that doesn't get along like this one?

105: 2017/05/28(日) 08:18:47.06
Kamenashi is getting pushed around by all these trash people so I feel bad for him



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