Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Is "First Love" Utada Hikaru's Only Signature Song?


1: 2017/05/21(日) 05:28:10.10ID:/IglO62k0.net
She's called an utahime [song princess] but in reality she's just a one hit wonder

2: 2017/05/21(日) 05:31:05.92ID:hjqLcnDTd.net
She has Can You Keep a Secret and Automatic
The rest are average though

3: 2017/05/21(日) 05:35:06.36ID:Rm7vb3Nwa.net
Time Will Tell I guess

5: 2017/05/21(日) 05:43:08.42ID:SDxdROo70.net
I have a feeling the album she released last year was completely geared towards women
It might be the same now but even a man such as myself can still listen to it


8: 2017/05/21(日) 06:22:47.90ID:/IglO62k0.net
Her rivals have more songs remaining than her

Ayumi Hamasaki
A Song for You, Seasons

Kuraki Mai
Stay by My Side, Secret of My Heart, Love Day After Tomorrow

11: 2017/05/21(日) 06:30:08.31ID:6K+ucMLE0.net
Those two didn't write the songs themselves

9: 2017/05/21(日) 06:27:08.16ID:f+fdu27H0.net
From music royalties along she gets 500,000,000 yen right? What the hell do you mean by one hit wonder

13: 2017/05/21(日) 06:34:54.05ID:pb5XoTCsx.net
The song that was used in a drama recently is a good one

18: 2017/05/21(日) 06:52:36.25ID:5q74O4u9d.net
For me it stops at Automatic and Time will Tell
The rest are just regular pop songs

19: 2017/05/21(日) 06:54:12.71ID:5q74O4u9d.net
First Love is just an average pop song
What is so good about that mediocre song

20: 2017/05/21(日) 06:56:23.47ID:5q74O4u9d.net
I feel like Automatic was so fresh that it overrated
The Automatic PV and song were the best though

24: 2017/05/21(日) 08:05:01.42ID:wIfZ4TnL0.net
Her singing sucks
She'll never follow in her mother's footsteps

35: 2017/05/21(日) 08:35:36.29ID:5zd9+89U0.net
I don't know if Prisoner of Love is a popular song but it is my number 1

37: 2017/05/21(日) 08:39:31.26ID:gbNvVGDh0.net
When I first heard Traveling I thought she released a surprisingly boring song but there are lots of people saying that it's one her signature songs

51: 2017/05/21(日) 11:26:53.50ID:Eu34AXGwd.net
Be My Last obliterates everything even when I listen to it now it's a heavenly song



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