Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Are Dir En Grey Still Popular?


1: 2017/05/16(火) 15:42:22.471
I don't know any of their recent songs

2: 2017/05/16(火) 15:42:44.546
I don't know anything since he shaved his head

3: 2017/05/16(火) 15:43:06.528
Recently sukekiyo have been making good songs


4: 2017/05/16(火) 15:44:03.908
I've been a fan of them for close to 20 years and they haven't made any Japanese fans

5: 2017/05/16(火) 15:44:42.225
Weren't they popular when they did Zan on TV?

6: 2017/05/16(火) 15:47:33.687
Zan on Music Station is so nostalgic wwww
I heard that at that time their attitudes were so bad that they weren't called to be on again but I wonder how that turned out
I recorded that episode for the other artists and watched it so many times

8: 2017/05/16(火) 15:49:00.530
Regardless I still think Uroboros was the best album ever


10: 2017/05/16(火) 15:50:56.196
Uroboros is undisputed

11: 2017/05/16(火) 15:51:39.483
For some reason I read that as DIE EN GAY

13: 2017/05/16(火) 15:52:24.340
Kyo ruined his throat so their doing more calmed down concerts now
And he also got older

15: 2017/05/16(火) 15:54:14.563
I've never listened to Sukekiyo before so I'll give them a listen
I don't really know why I haven't listened to them up until now

19: 2017/05/16(火) 17:28:11.701
They're so cool though

20: 2017/05/16(火) 17:35:56.211
I also think that Uroboros or should I say Vinushka is the greatest masterpiece but I think they've stopped now

21: 2017/05/16(火) 18:36:31.976
They were still good after Uroboros but Uroboros is so good that is overshadows the rest

18: 2017/05/16(火) 15:56:30.716
All of them got old


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