Monday, April 24, 2017

40% of Those Surveyed Say There are no Pretty Girls in AKB48

1: 2017/04/22(土) 11:55:17.94

About %40 say "there are no pretty girls in AKB."

According to the survey conducted by Shirabe Editorial Department of 1,131 men between the ages of 20-60, about 40% answered that there are "no pretty girls in AKB48."

The end result was that 1 in 3 did not think there were pretty girls in AKB. Also, the men were 10 points higher than the women.

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2: 2017/04/22(土) 11:57:23.56
The cute members from the election
Sakura, Yamamoto, Mukaichi

Watanabe, Juri, Okada, Sashihara, Matsui

Suda, Yokoyama, Kashiwagi, Kodama, Minegishi

4: 2017/04/22(土) 11:57:52.07
Can you say that after you've seen them all?

6: 2017/04/22(土) 11:58:57.82
Number 1 is "that"

46: 2017/04/22(土) 12:25:05.00
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10: 2017/04/22(土) 12:00:20.08
The discerning eye of women is much more strict

13: 2017/04/22(土) 12:01:30.22
They're just looking at the general election and answering based on that

14: 2017/04/22(土) 12:02:11.48
That's just the AKB that appear on TV

16: 2017/04/22(土) 12:06:41.57
So 60% think they are pretty

17: 2017/04/22(土) 12:06:56.90
This is Sashihara

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23: 2017/04/22(土) 12:10:21.66
They're probably prettier than the people saying that

25: 2017/04/22(土) 12:10:45.75
It's an easy group that you can get to number 1 in without even being cute

38: 2017/04/22(土) 12:19:50.69
This is thanks to the Number 1's in the general elections for the following generations w
Mayu is cute

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55: 2017/04/22(土) 12:28:21.64
If this were Nogizaka they could get 85% with just Shiraishi

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61: 2017/04/22(土) 12:31:18.01
Find a girl on Shiraishi's level that anyone could appreciate
Make that one the center

76: 2017/04/22(土) 12:39:27.39
They just don't know AKB members
They only see the ones that appear on tv a lot

77: 2017/04/22(土) 12:39:53.44
The consequence of Sashihara appearing all over TV is this www


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