Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Will There Be Another Johnny's Group that Surpasses SMAP?


1: 2016/08/14(日) 22:09:25.03
All the other kids suck too much

2: 2016/08/14(日) 22:09:57.35
Is there a need for one?

4: 2016/08/14(日) 22:10:04.12
It's better for one not to come out
If Johnny's collapsed that would settle it all

5: 2016/08/14(日) 22:10:12.29
If it's revealed that they are a dark company then parents won't want to let their kids join anymore

7: 2016/08/14(日) 22:10:32.33
The recent Johnny's totally look like college students that you can see anywhere

9: 2016/08/14(日) 22:10:40.21
A long time ago Arashi surpassed them

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11: 2016/08/14(日) 22:11:15.27
Not just limited to Johnny's but there won't be a group that will come on television like that

14: 2016/08/14(日) 22:11:31.35
Seems like they will lose to EXILE

15: 2016/08/14(日) 22:11:43.06
It will be TOKIO

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17: 2016/08/14(日) 22:11:56.00
They came out in the last of the days where they shone strongly on television
Because of you guys obsessed with the internet nothing can become popular anymore

25: 2016/08/14(日) 22:13:11.80
If TOKIO tries their best in their main occupation then there will be no problem

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28: 2016/08/14(日) 22:13:46.43
Arashi might have appeal as a group but individually they have no appeal

37: 2016/08/14(日) 22:15:31.18
They reached their mid-30's and still can't get rid of that college student feel so it can't be helped

31: 2016/08/14(日) 22:14:23.98
This is bad

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33: 2016/08/14(日) 22:14:39.53
It can't be TOKIO
They aren't juvenile but they are too much like old men

34: 2016/08/14(日) 22:14:46.18
Arashi have no popularity among men huh

38: 2016/08/14(日) 22:15:48.86
SMAP were over promoted after all anyway

45: 2016/08/14(日) 22:17:23.93
That's true
The influential power of television has pretty much disappeared

40: 2016/08/14(日) 22:16:31.71
Domouto brothers do your best from now on

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43: 2016/08/14(日) 22:17:01.21
What happened to V6

44: 2016/08/14(日) 22:17:04.33
Not just in Johnny's but in the history of entertainment it's now useless
In this internet culture will there be a star of this level?

52: 2016/08/14(日) 22:18:20.35
There might be a national group that surpasses SMAP
But it will 100% not be a Johnny's group


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