Saturday, August 6, 2016

TOKIO's Yamaguchi Tatsuya Announces Divorce After 8 Year Marriage

1. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:41:33 +39 -982

TOKIO・山口達也が離婚  元モデルと結婚8年、2男もうけるも…。

8 years ago he announced in front of 13000 fans at Nihon Budokan that he would be getting married and having a child.

2. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:41:48  [通報+2470 -679

It's like "of course" after he had a shotgun marriage

3. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:41:52  [通報+7791 -82
Were those injuries related to this somehow?

4. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:02  [通報+4688 -43
I don't remember seeing any articles about him being on bad terms with his wife so this is sudden

5. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:03  [通報+2762 -42
So what is the reason for divorce?

6. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:06  [通報+4633 -91
Various things must have happened. 
Even if he fell off his bike there must be some sort of connection

7. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:07  [通報+4004 -72
Does this have anything to do with the eye bandage he had on?

8. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:09  [通報+4509 -66
Something must have happened!
It probably has something to do with him being covered in injuries that one time

9. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:09  [通報+3337 -45
What was up with him being all beat up?

11. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:16  [通報+1595 -20
Huh, he got a divorce?

12. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:16  [通報+4035 -68
I thought he was someone who definitely wouldn't divorce!

14. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:17  [通報+2702 -327
Is he the first in Johnny's to divorce?

15. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:18  [通報+3189 -41
Was the cause of his injuries really a bike accident?!

17. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:21  [通報+2325 -35
Will more dark rumors get revealed now?

20. 匿名 2016/08/05(金) 10:42:28  [通報+1364 -47
Uwaa there is a deep darkness


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