Friday, August 19, 2016

Live Action Adaption of Bleach to be Released; Fukushi Sota as Kurosaki Ichigo


1: 2016/08/18(木) 16:38:45.38

no title

2: 2016/08/18(木) 16:39:28.39
Looks too similar to the original author's self portrait

3: 2016/08/18(木) 16:39:45.23
Is this serious?

4: 2016/08/18(木) 16:39:45.31
Not good

6: 2016/08/18(木) 16:40:11.93
Is he going to dye his hair? Wear a wig?

8: 2016/08/18(木) 16:40:38.72
Why don't they learn anything

9: 2016/08/18(木) 16:40:47.02
Mr. Deadpan!

11: 2016/08/18(木) 16:41:53.42
Don't involve any Johnnies or AKB

12: 2016/08/18(木) 16:42:03.00
I can't think of anyone else who suits this role other than him so this is fine

no title

24: 2016/08/18(木) 16:44:38.18
Gintama is getting a live action adaption too so I wonder which one will succeed

25: 2016/08/18(木) 16:44:38.80
Playing a high school student at 25 is a little bit weird
He also did the role for the criminal in Conan

30: 2016/08/18(木) 16:45:50.27
What will they do with the CG

33: 2016/08/18(木) 16:46:08.68

no title

34: 2016/08/18(木) 16:46:17.26
It will be impossible for the live action to be Rurouni Kenshin quality

35: 2016/08/18(木) 16:46:43.66
This will definitely be lame

47: 2016/08/18(木) 16:48:15.08
The musical

no title

55: 2016/08/18(木) 16:49:28.21

no title

57: 2016/08/18(木) 16:49:36.02
In this craze over live actions they will probably do Naruto and One Piece too

59: 2016/08/18(木) 16:49:58.42
The One Piece stage play was interesting

no title

77: 2016/08/18(木) 16:53:58.36
Do a Slam Dunk live action too

79: 2016/08/18(木) 16:54:21.56
Huh? It's not a Hollywood movie?

73: 2016/08/18(木) 16:52:14.84
So the huge announcement was a live action adaption?
This is the worst result of what I imagined



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