Friday, July 29, 2016

Sonny Chiba's Son "Mackenyu," 19, Allegedly Has a Secret Child with 42 Year Old Woman

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[Mackenyu, born in Los Angeles, is the son of famous actor and action star Sonny Chiba, or Chiba Shinichi. Mackenyu currently appears in the drama Aogeba Toutoshi and will also appear in the upcoming movie Chihayafuru. He gained attention for his good looks and is currently set to have a prominent acting career.

Mackenyu is alleged to have had a relationship with a 37 year old married woman when he was 14 and a child was born out of the relationship. The child is said to currently be in Los Angeles with the woman.]

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It's shocking that he has a 5 year old child even though he's 19

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He got it from his dad huh

4. 匿名 2016/07/28(木) 23:55:11  [通報+1870 -28
This is shocking

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It will hurt him to have a secret child discovered while his popularity is on the rise

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His father is like that too you know
You can't go against genetics

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Arama, and just when I thought he was good looking

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Huh? He's not even legally considered an adult
This was from when he first started high school right?

13. 匿名 2016/07/28(木) 23:55:43  [通報+1121 -28
This isn't a false story?
Where is the source from??

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A child at 14?
That's a baby having a baby!

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Is that his actual child? Or his girlfriend's child? (*・∀・*)

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Eeeeeh?! I'm not particularly a fan but this is shocking! (°_°)

18. 匿名 2016/07/28(木) 23:55:54  [通報+2231 -52
He has the kind of aura that older women would like


20. 匿名 2016/07/28(木) 23:56:02  [通報+1438 -17
Huh? This kid is still in his teens...??

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Hm? When did he have this child?

22. 匿名 2016/07/28(木) 23:56:06  [通報+950 -53
Tsk tsk
Maybe it's because he hasn't had a breakthrough yet that this hasn't had such a huge effect I guess?

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Eh? At 14 years old??
There are various problems with this...

24. 匿名 2016/07/28(木) 23:56:09  [通報+2402 -13
He became a father at 14 years old...
14 year old father

25. 匿名 2016/07/28(木) 23:56:11  [通報+1113 -17
Does he acknowledge the child?



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