Friday, March 4, 2016

SNH48 Member Allegedly Was Set Herself on Fire Posts Picture from Hospital


1: 2016/03/03(木) 21:37:00.83 
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2: 2016/03/03(木) 21:37:43.27
It seems like a lie that she did it herself

13: 2016/03/03(木) 21:41:27.63
It's amazing that she's striking a pose

17: 2016/03/03(木) 21:42:14.73
She looks well
I feel sorry for her

21: 2016/03/03(木) 21:42:59.17
She lived?!

23: 2016/03/03(木) 21:43:01.61
Is she striking a pose?

33: 2016/03/03(木) 21:44:10.51
It's amazing that she didn't lose her life

34: 2016/03/03(木) 21:44:11.72
"She got into a fight and set fire to her own clothes"
I don't understand the meaning of this at all

36: 2016/03/03(木) 21:44:43.60
Can someone live with 80% burns?

40: 2016/03/03(木) 21:45:50.69
I can't believe that she set herself on fire by mistake in the middle of a fight
She was definitely set on fire on purpose

43: 2016/03/03(木) 21:46:53.11
I think it depends on how deep the burns are, but isn't there a chance of passing away?

83: 2016/03/03(木) 22:03:53.34
It this the situation for striking a pose www

87: 2016/03/03(木) 22:05:45.09
Hmmm I just hope she gets better

123: 2016/03/03(木) 22:52:55.33
Since it's China they might be doing this to gain attention


131: 2016/03/03(木) 23:08:53.22
Nevertheless if Black Jack-sensei treats her he'll be able to do something to help her
*The doctor from the manga Black Jack


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