Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Let's Talk About Oguri Shun

1. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:13:28 +276 -26
His personal life is a mess but I think he is wonderful as an actor!
I got to know him from HanaDan and began to like him and in Crows he was so cool!


2. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:11 [通報+69 -8
He's messy?

3. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:13 [通報+276 -11
He is cool! In dramas!

4. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:26 [通報+144 -11
The tunnel under his nose

5. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:28 [通報+174 -1

6. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:30 [通報+217 -34
First thing on the list is why is he treated like an ikemen

7. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:38 [通報+254 -7
Oroboros was good!

8. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:45 [通報+311 -10
I like Rich Man Poor Woman

11. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:57 [通報+304 -6
He's good friends with Yamada Takayuki ♪


12. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:14:59 [通報+333 -11
He is tall, he has a nice body and it's awesome that his voice is deep

But he's a manwhore though

13. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:15:09 [通報+248 -2
The fact that the shortie from GTO would grow up this much.
I am most surprised at that.

14. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:15:09 [通報+189 -10
I like the combination of Oguri Shun and Yamada Takayuki ♡

15. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:15:17 [通報+140 -19


17. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:15:26 [通報+149 -5
I like him as an actor

18. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:15:28 [通報+241 -5
His body's balance is good so he looks like an ikemen

19. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:15:34 [通報+220 -5
He looks like an ikemen because his acting is good, I haven't seem him in real life but I bet he's good looking.

20. 匿名 2016/03/14(月) 22:15:38 [通報+200 -20
I like him!
He's hot!



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