Thursday, March 17, 2016

Atsugiri Jason: "It is better to say that something it unpleasant in the first place. Japanese people control themselves too much."


1: 2016/03/15(火) 20:58:24.59


2: 2016/03/15(火) 20:59:29.26
Read the atmosphere and so on

4: 2016/03/15(火) 21:00:07.97
I like this guy quite a bit

6: 2016/03/15(火) 21:00:27.89
I'm already sick of you discounting Japan based on your flimsy knowledge

9: 2016/03/15(火) 21:00:53.01
Why Japanese People? was boring from the start


12: 2016/03/15(火) 21:01:51.90
He's not funny anymore huh

22: 2016/03/15(火) 21:05:22.11
Atsugiri is annoying for saying things without holding back

23: 2016/03/15(火) 21:05:32.70
He's annoying and pretty persistent. Is he really American?

28: 2016/03/15(火) 21:08:34.22
I don't want to match with Atsugiri Jason's values


31: 2016/03/15(火) 21:09:22.52
Forcing your own assertions onto others, it's very American-like

35: 2016/03/15(火) 21:12:10.91
If you don't like it go home. He's a moron who doesn't understand cultural differences

40: 2016/03/15(火) 21:13:42.32
Then write what you're talking about. He posts nothing but abstract things

44: 2016/03/15(火) 21:15:12.28
Okay, if I were to say it without holding back, you're not funny Atsugiri Jason

49: 2016/03/15(火) 21:18:55.19
This guy seems like he would support Trump

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57: 2016/03/15(火) 21:22:08.08
Americans only complain

62: 2016/03/15(火) 21:23:14.87(´・ω・`)
If a Japanese person said to Americans "Control yourselves more" they would get mad right? (´・ω・`)

65: 2016/03/15(火) 21:26:07.17
A society where you can get shot just for saying something is unpleasant is a little... ^^;;;;

99: 2016/03/15(火) 21:41:14.93
Since Americans can't control themselves they are soon to commit crimes
Japan's peace consists of everyone holding themselves back a bit


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