Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why was Becky Torn to Shreds While the Gesu Guy Went Unharmed?


1: 2016/02/13(土) 09:53:42.36
This is strange don't you think?
Even though if he didn't hide the fact he was married it wouldn't have ended up like this

2: 2016/02/13(土) 09:54:37.39
More than saying he was unharmed his songs sold

3: 2016/02/13(土) 09:54:54.38
He's a terrible man

5: 2016/02/13(土) 09:55:27.99
Becky was on the receiving end of jealousy from women

7: 2016/02/13(土) 09:56:17.20
They were originally the extreme lowlifes


8: 2016/02/13(土) 09:57:54.50
It can't be helped that the damage received by musicians and television talents is difference

10: 2016/02/13(土) 09:58:55.60

If a TV talent who is sold only on likability gets this kind of bad image then they have no choice but to take a break from work

But I don't know if Gesu has musical talent though

14: 2016/02/13(土) 09:59:49.40
I certainly think there is that kind of difference.
There are people who had affairs and are continuing activities like Shiina Ringo

17: 2016/02/13(土) 10:02:27.84
It's Becky who doesn't have anything else other than her image and Gesu who doesn't really have a necessity for appearing in the media

24: 2016/02/13(土) 10:16:17.28
Perhaps if he were solo it would have been worse

26: 2016/02/13(土) 10:17:07.15
As for her having a high favorable impression, the backlash was tough

29: 2016/02/13(土) 10:18:11.29
The only damage Gesu is getting is that he can no longer have affairs

40: 2016/02/13(土) 10:22:40.00
Men and women have a difference
If a woman messes with a married man then she would be a homewrecker

47: 2016/02/13(土) 10:26:34.35 O.net
Becky got sucked into a sham romance and without gaining a single thing she gets hell...hell on earth

52: 2016/02/13(土) 10:27:49.25
She was inviting animosity when she opened a press conference without questions and answers
She failed with the contents as well

90: 2016/02/13(土) 11:06:38.87

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91: 2016/02/13(土) 11:07:24.43
Becky had a bunch of guys who poorly defended her and they just ended up adding more fuel to the flames

106: 2016/02/13(土) 11:21:59.73
Becky offended the sponsors so that was the nail in the coffin

115: 2016/02/13(土) 11:35:58.85
The difference between Becky who is sold based on image only and Gesu who is sold on music

119: 2016/02/13(土) 11:40:46.46
And then the lowlife Sentence Spring that's sold based on people's unhappiness

97: 2016/02/13(土) 11:12:26.93
A wonder lasts only but 9 days.*
If Becky hides herself she can quietly make a comeback like Yaguchi
*The original saying was "人の噂も75日" or "a person's rumors are 75 days," meaning rumors will only last a while and will pass.



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