Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Politician Involved in Adultery Scandal Requested Selfies from His Mistress "Picture of the Person I like are Cute~"

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宮崎謙介議員、不倫相手に自撮りも要求「好きな人の写メ大事 かわい~」

宮崎議員、不倫相手に自撮りも要求/芸能/デイリースポーツ online

On the broadcast, a new exchange was revealed. Miyazaki requested to A that she send selfies numerous times per day, and when she sent the pictures he sent messages saying "Selfie The person I like is important Cute~."

When the commentator Teri Itou heard that Miyazaki sent 400 Line messages per day, he said angrily "If he sent 400 Line messages per day, he definitely did it while working. He's playing around"

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Why did he do something that leaves evidence?

4. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 09:46:08 [通報+2057 -16
Gross w Why did this person become a politician?

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Simply disgusting

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Gross w
Wife, hurry up and demand consolation money!

9. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 09:46:26 [通報+1143 -13
He's just so gross that I don't care anymore

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This dude is sadly mistaken

13. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 09:46:30 [通報+1377 -25
The man has the image of thoughtlessly requesting selfies
Really disgusting

14. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 09:46:32 [通報+1476 -44
The woman talks to much too

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