Thursday, February 18, 2016

Overseas News: Madonna Late 1 Hour and Manny Pacquiao Makes Homophobic Remark

Madonna Apperas 1 hour Late for a Department Store Event and Stays for Only 3 Minutes

1. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:02:21 +29 -942
Madonna got attention for starting her concert 2 hours late

Today she arrived at an event 1 hours late

Madonna arrived at the event, signed a few autographs, posed for the cameras, thanked the audience by saying "arigato gozaimasu" in Japanese, then waved and blew a kiss before leaving. She was at the event for 3 minutes.

マドンナ 今度は1時間遅れで百貨店イベントに登場 滞在時間は3分

マドンナ 今度は1時間遅れで百貨店イベントに登場 滞在時間は3分

2. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:04:02 [通報+1811 -47
She's Madonna

*This refers to calligrapher Aida Mitsuo, one of whose famous works includes the phrase "Ningen da mono" or "I'm human." The commenter here referred to that by saying "Madonna da mono"

3. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:04:14 [通報+1371 -9
Let's treasure the time

4. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:04:43 [通報+1060 -55
Madonna doesn't look 57 hm.

5. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:04:46 [通報+1722 -16
Internationally known Madonna at a department store event seems kind of cheap

6. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:04:54 [通報+452 -21
Her hands are wrinkly.

8. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:05:04 [通報+952 -6
She does whatever she wants

9. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:05:09 [通報+1127 -51
Even if you criticize Madonna there is no meaning
Foreigners are pretty tardy

10. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:05:14 [通報+886 -69
I don't know what's so great about Madonna

11. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:05:18 [通報+723 -6
How much did she get for this?

12. 匿名 2016/02/16(火) 00:05:22 [通報+631 -44
Go home

Manny Pacquiao Recieves Backlash for Shocking Remarks "Homosexuals are lower than animals"

1. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:46:01 +110 -516

He said, “It's common sense. Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female. If men mate with men and women mate with women they are worse than animals."


2. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:48:50 [通報+790 -63
Even though it's for the election he says some pretty terrible things

3. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:49:10 [通報+499 -120
Even among Girls Channel there are lot of people who think this way

4. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:49:31 [通報+535 -63
This is no good

5. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:49:36 [通報+322 -19
People have different opinions

6. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:50:03 [通報+577 -138
Apologize to Makihara Noriyuki and Hirai Ken

7. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:50:14 [通報+350 -20
What about him having the right to hate them and freedom of speech?

8. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:50:26 [通報] +801 -51
Denying someone and defaming them just because you hate them is something that children do

10. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:50:31 [通報+493 -31
It's bad for the Filipino hero to make that kind of remark

11. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:50:51 [通報+531 -32
Animals have same sex relationships too

12. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:50:54 [通報+176 -114
I don't know who this person is!

13. 匿名 2016/02/17(水) 01:50:57 [通報+711 -46
I'm a lesbian but when I hear these kinds of things I don't think anything of it.
It's like "there are people who think that kind of way too huh." Nothing to do with me


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