Sunday, February 14, 2016

KAT-TUN to go on Hiatus to "Recharge their Batteries" After Tokyo Dome Tour Ends in May


1: 2016/02/13(土) 13:11:34.94

2: 2016/02/13(土) 13:12:05.88
Hm, so it has come to this

8: 2016/02/13(土) 13:13:19.80
Combine with SMAP


10: 2016/02/13(土) 13:13:23.44
What will Ueda do?

30: 2016/02/13(土) 13:17:53.72
Since he's in Johnny's won't he do theater?

11: 2016/02/13(土) 13:13:39.99
I liked KAT-TUN better than SMAP so I'm shocked

12: 2016/02/13(土) 13:14:23.43
What will they do after they recharge?

15: 2016/02/13(土) 13:15:06.75

16: 2016/02/13(土) 13:15:07.92
They are a group that has had a lot of people drop out huh
They were damned from the start


21: 2016/02/13(土) 13:16:19.38
They didn't have to go out of their way to call it a battery recharging period

22: 2016/02/13(土) 13:16:19.92
Make a group out of Akanashi, Yamashita and Kamenashi

29: 2016/02/13(土) 13:17:26.70
Uh oh
If they do that Ueda will be in trouble

36: 2016/02/13(土) 13:19:12.06
Even though they always want to live on the edge they're going to recharge their batteries w

39: 2016/02/13(土) 13:20:30.30
Their debut song was their golden age

51: 2016/02/13(土) 13:24:29.11
I liked their songs so this is a waste
Won't they add more members or combine with another group?

55: 2016/02/13(土) 13:25:20.94
They should use the lessening of the members in reverse do activities with a guest each time
Like adding Ikuta Toma as a guest


59: 2016/02/13(土) 13:26:05.75
They've been together for 10 years until now so let Taguchi participate in the dome tour too

89: 2016/02/13(土) 13:32:59.00
I think so too. Doing the tour right after he quits is too vile

102: 2016/02/13(土) 13:35:26.05
He doesn't want to do it himself I bet


69: 2016/02/13(土) 13:29:18.41
Ueda will basically be unemployed because of this



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