Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hotel Employee Reveals that Figure Skater Takahashi Daisuke Checked into Hotel Suite with Another Man

1. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:32:09 +104 -1546


*Wait the figure skater Takahashi Daisuke came to my hotel though!?! And what's more he was in a suite room with a double bed with another man!?! Oh.....

2. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:12 [通報+2178 -42
As I thought...

3. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:20 [通報+619 -65
( ´,_ゝ`)プッ

4. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:26 [通報+1770 -205
Even though he's an ikemen, what a waste

5. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:31 [通報+4405 -28
This way of outing him is too unfortunate

6. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:32 [通報+3654 -18
Bakarta again...
It's certain that [the employee] will be discovered and fired

8. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:45 [通報+4612 -13
People who don't protect the privacy of a customer are the worst

12. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:52 [通報+739 -26

13. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:33:57 [通報+2441 -31
For some reason, I strangely agree...

14. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:00 [通報+2426 -25
Another idiot has appeared w
Anyway it has been confirmed that he is gay!

15. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:01 [通報+1221 -12
Yet again
Nothing but idiots

16. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:02 [通報+1801 -20
Please treat him kindly.

18. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:04 [通報+3940 -37
It's fine if he's gay, that's his personal freedom
Is this even true in the first place?

19. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:05 [通報+2065 -19
If you tweet these kinds of things you'll be unemployed
Disappointing person

20. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:17 [通報+1535 -16
Don't reveal these things. Annoying.

21. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:20 [通報+3709 -21
It looked like "with another man at sweets" but it was suite.......orz

22. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:23 [通報+1060 -30
Huh! He's one of those!
I can imagine it though

25. 匿名 2016/02/15(月) 13:34:31 [通報+1812 -22
Who cares?
Is it something to be that concerned about?



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