Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hamasaki Ayumi has Become Unrecognizeable


1: 2016/02/24(水) 21:14:56.87 



2: 2016/02/24(水) 21:15:27.04
She's become an old lady

16: 2016/02/24(水) 21:17:19.51

12: 2016/02/24(水) 21:16:57.78
Short-legged old lady

15: 2016/02/24(水) 21:17:06.52
I thought this was a picture from her younger days. Who is that?

16: 2016/02/24(水) 21:17:19.51
One word

19: 2016/02/24(水) 21:17:39.68
Seiko is much better


20: 2016/02/24(水) 21:17:45.18
If she like Madonna so much she can get plastic surgery to look exactly like her
Only her body shape can't change but it's pitiful that she doesn't seem to realize that herself

22: 2016/02/24(水) 21:18:25.62
She's turning into a monster though is she okay?

30: 2016/02/24(水) 21:19:28.69
She doesn't have the same face as the past

35: 2016/02/24(水) 21:20:28.32
Is the picture wrong?
Who the heck is this w Her face is totally different w

40: 2016/02/24(水) 21:21:31.39
She admires Madonna too much


41: 2016/02/24(水) 21:21:38.12
She's super short
Even if you saw her in the street, you wouldn't know that it was Hamasaki Ayumi

45: 2016/02/24(水) 21:22:18.58
Seriously who the heck is that

51: 2016/02/24(水) 21:23:19.11
Update complete!

52: 2016/02/24(水) 21:23:52.26
That's rude to Seiko-chan and Madonna

54: 2016/02/24(水) 21:23:58.89
I want her to wear clothing and do songs that fit her age...


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