Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gesu no Kiwami Otome's Drummer Hona Ikoka Gets Attention for being Pretty


1: 2016/01/28(木) 08:08:11.79

no title

no title

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no title

5: 2016/01/28(木) 08:10:25.21
Face is huge

8: 2016/01/28(木) 08:11:24.30
This girl seems like she's in the wrong too

9: 2016/01/28(木) 08:11:56.37
Who is this girl having an affair with?

10: 2016/01/28(木) 08:12:04.20
This girl seems like she has a connection with Kawatani too

11: 2016/01/28(木) 08:12:56.63
She's cuter than Becky

11: 2016/01/28(木) 08:12:56.63
The setup that she is having an affair with the section chief


21: 2016/01/28(木) 08:15:30.03
chanMari is mine


25: 2016/01/28(木) 08:15:42.55
Even if you hate Becky, don't start to hate Gesutani!

35: 2016/01/28(木) 08:18:28.21
She's not popular she's being laughed at


43: 2016/01/28(木) 08:21:17.45
When you look at the images from Music Station that fat guy has a dead face and the two girls are abnormally shy and it was honestly scary

50: 2016/01/28(木) 08:23:23.91
This girl and the girl on keyboards have a weird way of laughing
Like they were made fun of
Like they are feeling madness


52: 2016/01/28(木) 08:23:33.30
It's like the hairstyle like a Japanese doll suits her....

53: 2016/01/28(木) 08:23:40.36
If she's popular then she can have a solo debut and beat Miwa

59: 2016/01/28(木) 08:26:59.90
She has a face like Miwa

62: 2016/01/28(木) 08:28:13.54
It's like she a Hirose Suzu who hasn't been on the casting couch


66: 2016/01/28(木) 08:28:50.10
Is she...pretty?
She's hiding her features with her hairstyle, and she's probably ugly when she puts it up

Her drumming skills aren't anything to write home about at all

86: 2016/01/28(木) 08:36:05.51
Look at her next to GesuKawa
She will look super beautiful

102: 2016/01/28(木) 08:50:26.42
Mr. Children have been brought up so many times in this situation lo


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