Saturday, February 27, 2016

Figure Skater Takahashi Daisuke's Pictures with his Partner Leaked


1: 2016/02/24(水) 18:35:54.45

8: 2016/02/24(水) 18:37:00.91
Aren't the people doing that kind of sport more or less gay?

13: 2016/02/24(水) 18:37:40.05
Just as we knew

16: 2016/02/24(水) 18:37:53.20
Is this for real for real?

18: 2016/02/24(水) 18:38:02.97
That picture of him kissing the old lady was just to trick us

19: 2016/02/24(水) 18:38:26.43
From the way he looks it can't be helped

20: 2016/02/24(水) 18:38:46.22
This is not unexpected at all

24: 2016/02/24(水) 18:39:31.82

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28: 2016/02/24(水) 18:40:32.64
He has a monstrous glint in his eyes

37: 2016/02/24(水) 18:42:38.29
I'm imagining various things...

31: 2016/02/24(水) 18:41:27.31
Everyone knew didn't they

57: 2016/02/24(水) 18:47:47.46
After all this time...


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