Friday, February 5, 2016

Dean Fujioka the Breakout Star of a Morning Drama and Why He Disappeared from the Japanese Entertainment Industry

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However, after starring in a morning drama, and regardless of his unbeatable charisma, there is a possibility that he will disappear from the Japanese entertainment industry.

"In 2012, Dean married a woman of Indonesian nationality and has 2 children. Currently, he resides in Japan for work, but his family lives in Indonesia, and he cares about this family so much that he repeatedly speaks off how he wants to be near his children in interviews. There is a rumor that he will move to Indonesia for his children, and that when this drama is done shooting, there is the possibility that he will leave Japan."

His decision to leave Japan may not be stopped because he puts his family first. It will be disappointing to no longer see him active in Japan.

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He can do more activities overseas, and I think there is demand for him there

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He did say that he was working away from his family hm.

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I hate Dean wotas.

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His face is my type but it's not like I'm a fan.

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He has a nice face but
His acting is bad. I thought that while watching Fukakyon's new drama.

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He's way more decent than celebrities who get their big break and leave their wife and children behind to play with women

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He thinks of his family first...right
On Merengue he said that his twins don't remember who their father is

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Lately he's being gorioshi'd and somehow I think he is a suspicious person. Like with Ichikawa's movie, I have a feeling that he shouldn't be getting this big.

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Is that so...
How disappointing...



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