Friday, February 5, 2016

Celebrities Who Shouldn't be Treated Like Ikemen


1: 2016/02/02(火) 00:06:07.60
Matsuda Shota

2: 2016/02/02(火) 00:06:23.09
Ayano Go

25: 2016/02/02(火) 00:08:45.07
He's lizard like and I hate it

55: 2016/02/02(火) 00:11:35.89

no title

no title

no title

Fukushi Sota

78: 2016/02/02(火) 00:13:36.60
He's a rider...(shaky voice)

91: 2016/02/02(火) 00:15:15.23
no title

If you take away his height half the class has the same face as his

112: 2016/02/02(火) 00:17:39.77
Ichihara Hayato

no title

145: 2016/02/02(火) 00:20:30.08
Hajime Shacho's current twitter icon
If you don't take his height into consideration his face gets about 55 points
He shouldn't be treated like an ikemen

no title

158: 2016/02/02(火) 00:21:47.34
He appeared on Kohaku and he had such a nice body I was shocked

215: 2016/02/02(火) 00:27:08.41
Yamada Takayuki isn't an ikemen at all

no title

227: 2016/02/02(火) 00:27:46.90
He's an ikemen in the face

240: 2016/02/02(火) 00:29:07.46
Even though he was a bishounen he didn't like be treated that way

250: 2016/02/02(火) 00:30:04.39
When he wears proper clothes he's really good looking

278: 2016/02/02(火) 00:32:40.17
The recent Matsuyama Kenichi

no title

302: 2016/02/02(火) 00:35:22.35
He looks just like me when I was fat


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