Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tzuyu,The Taiwanese Member of a Korean Idol Group Twice is Forced to Apologize "I am a Chinese Person"


1: 2016/01/16(土) 16:01:48.39
*Mod note: This situation has been reported on to death so I'm not going to bother with a translation or synopsis of the article. 


Apology video


109: 2016/01/16(土) 16:31:58.82
With these looks she can take the top in the Japan
She should escape the Korean peninsula and come to Japan

6: 2016/01/16(土) 16:03:44.19
Who is this girl, she's super cute

11: 2016/01/16(土) 16:06:13.79
Uwa poor thing

10: 2016/01/16(土) 16:06:04.77
She's super cute


13: 2016/01/16(土) 16:06:40.09
Come to Japan

15: 2016/01/16(土) 16:07:04.59
Don't do activities in China, come to Japan


18: 2016/01/16(土) 16:08:15.48
She a pretty Taiwanese person above all the rest

20: 2016/01/16(土) 16:08:38.47
It seems like they wouldn't have plastic surgery in Taiwan. 

24: 2016/01/16(土) 16:08:53.26
If a Japanese celebrity criticized Korean or Chinese people they would get hung up to dry

29: 2016/01/16(土) 16:10:05.30


34: 2016/01/16(土) 16:11:35.65
She only waved the Taiwanese flame
Even more it was one that was prepared by the program

38: 2016/01/16(土) 16:12:53.51
I don't really care about the article I feel like I've found a super cute girl

42: 2016/01/16(土) 16:13:56.53
This is because Taiwanese people go to Korea. Come to Japan, we will support you

45: 2016/01/16(土) 16:15:03.93
Come to Japan. We will support you. 

53: 2016/01/16(土) 16:18:13.75
They forced her to do this kind of thing at 16?!


56: 2016/01/16(土) 16:19:00.75
She's 16? What a pity...

60: 2016/01/16(土) 16:19:50.59
Please have a solo debut in Japan


62: 2016/01/16(土) 16:20:15.63
Come to Japan!! She will be more popular than AKB, this girl. She's cute. 

68: 2016/01/16(土) 16:20:28.78
In Japan Taiwanese celebrities can normally say "I'm a Taiwanese person" so I don't really understand this

73: 2016/01/16(土) 16:21:27.37
Am I the only one who thinks that if for example, she were to debut in a Japanese group that this wouldn't have become such a problem to apologize for?

76: 2016/01/16(土) 16:22:21.38
She should become like Vivian Hsu in Japan because she's pretty

77: 2016/01/16(土) 16:22:46.84
By the way this group has 3 Japanese members


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