Friday, January 22, 2016

Tsuchiya Anna Announces 2nd Divorce

1: 2016/01/21(木) 20:28:23.00 
The singer/actress announced on her personal blog that she divorced the stylist Yamato Kikuchi, who she married in 2009. Of the reason why they divorced she said "There were discrepancies in our values towards the future."

2: 2016/01/21(木) 20:28:52.25

Give up on men
3: 2016/01/21(木) 20:29:04.51 
Just stay by yourself
7: 2016/01/21(木) 20:29:44.26
Is there anyone whose personal values match with this woman?
8: 2016/01/21(木) 20:30:07.08
Tsuchiya Anna was super cute in the movie called "Cha no Aji"
21: 2016/01/21(木) 20:31:58.60
Hitomi will go down the same road
23: 2016/01/21(木) 20:32:57.35
She's only on her 2nd one huh
I imagined her having 5

29: 2016/01/21(木) 20:34:47.46
There are no women who suit being a single mother this much
48: 2016/01/21(木) 20:37:17.00
She's candid so I don't hate her
59: 2016/01/21(木) 20:40:24.87
Her husband, he did things like get drunk and be violent
72: 2016/01/21(木) 20:44:01.49
I like Tsuchiya Anna but I think she should wait awhile until her next marriage for the sake of her children

84: 2016/01/21(木) 20:48:34.43
It's like she gets married on a whim
108: 2016/01/21(木) 21:00:52.62
Divorce gets repeated
This is the reality


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