Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Most Beautiful of the Younger Johnny's is This Guy

1: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:44:41.11 ID:BHmxiAZR0.n

no title

3: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:45:25.44 ID:DdsEvRlK0.n
He's like a Korean idol

4: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:45:26.82 ID:MzKcU+Gca.n
It's like in the level of regular people he is an ikemen

6: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:46:10.07 ID:A3boQvzya.
Okada from V6 is too much of an ikemen

7: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:46:50.41 ID:UQnm0QfR0.n
Don't underestimate Yamada

no title4

8: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:47:19.26 ID:MzKcU+Gca.n
He's a woman in the face

9: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:47:31.24 ID:BHmxiAZR0.n
Even more he's pretty cute

no title

no title

10: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:48:28.97 ID:ckJvkA0E0.n
He might have beautiful features but if you don't have a chin then you won't be good looking

11: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:49:21.88 ID:UQnm0QfR0.n
I'm not a wota but I will say this

During Kimi Attraction Yamada had an aura that surpassed the rest

13: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:49:31.93 ID:PmslFoHm0.n
Hey! Say! JUMP are popular?

14: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:52:12.35 ID:ocHFqbv20.n

15: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 10:55:32.65 ID:p+qo9oOza.n

no title

17: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 11:14:14.53 ID:JJxj9WaN0.n
no title

Are there any guys on this level?

18: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 11:34:26.48 ID:WSqavIePa.n
Nakajima has beautiful features but he doesn't have a Johnny's face
He has the face of an actor
Yamada, Chinen and Arioka have Johnny's faces

19: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 11:40:24.09 ID:v1o65j2Xa.n

no title

20: 投稿日:2016/01/11(月) 11:57:06.38 ID:PhFbAkoH0.n

no title

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